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  1. j1jon

  2. My Wheels

    No mate. Haven't got any other pics really. Sold em last month. Just had the arches rolled and that was it. They fit spot on
  3. My Wheels

    thats with spacers dude. 21mm space in total on front ant 15mm on the back. Rears are just the top mount and 1 bolt under the car. Like you said dude could jack it up and do both. I couldnt find the air rachet last time and the gun wouldnt get in due to the exhaust one side and petrol tank the other + i was hungover after my mates wedding so i gave up in a huff. lol
  4. Kwik Fit

    They prob know how to charge for it though! lol
  5. My Wheels

    I always thought TT comps went on ok dude! damn. Learnt summat new. Mine only fit cos of the stretch. finally stopped them scrapping today! happy again now I cant go lower on em until i have major arch work done but i hired the coilovers slightly and theyre fine for now got the rear collies going on on saturday. This time i wont spit the dummy out and pack up before i start lol
  6. My Wheels

    Ive heard what Ian said is true but it seems a grey area. 2 had a very good look earlier when they drove past! well the front are 8.5" running 195/45/16 the backs are 9.5" running 205/45/16
  7. My Wheels

    theyre coming off tomorro :@ :@ :@ need some arch work before these go back on! Sheffield roads and lowered cars dont mix!
  8. Klaus's '93 Golf VR6

    i reyt like this dude. Very tidy!
  9. I phone update ?

  10. I phone update ?

    Im not upgrading to the new software until a jailbreak is sorted for it. Upgraded our lasses and I have to say im not overly impressed
  11. My Wheels

    cheers dude........................ hope the police take that view ha ha ha The face of the wheel and abit of sidewall is just out side the arch
  12. My Wheels

    so after a few days of getting stressed, scraping arches on tyres, arch rolling and other general mis-haps theyre on! (h) Hope you like the results
  13. Please Beware DO NOT BUY THIS CAR

    Got sum sik enngin mods. No recits do blud. Got da kar from sum geez off da intarnets n sneezed rite geez. Nids sum wurk dun 2 it. Wil tek 5 bill pond 4 da car. I is a prat. Fother mre Is a balends. ha ha ha dis is one sick ride blud. runnin @ 300 bhpzzzzzz blud! glad t'ere it redi fot summer breadskin! (h) new cluch to blud! what a gimp! (bah)
  14. Worksop/ Retford meet

    http://i615.photobucket.com/albums/tt235/linzijames/cotm/254-1-1.jpg As above really peeps. Be good if some ppl could come. Always good to see new faces. Banner from the last meet http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4045/4645805691_f441a9638e_o.jpg
  15. world cup....