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  1. Brandon and I are also out now I'm afraid Didn't realise I had a shift on the Sunday for LOCOG :(
  2. Haha I'm going for the big time Craig...installing a BMX next to make sure I kick ass off the lights!
  3. No dump valve fitted yet Tony but I am toying with the idea! After all you cant be a real ricer without a bit of dump in your life lol
  4. I know its not a VW but I thought I'd give you guys an insight to the new car. Seeing as it took me 4-5yrs to do a build thread on my previous car I decided I'd start one straight away with this car! I picked this car up from Stan Palmers last weekend. Apparently the previous owner ran the engine dry thus requiring a rebuild. Stan and Neil (Palmer) left it in the capable hands of Rob (one of the most knowledgeable dealership techs I've ever come across) and below is the list of the work he carried out (written by Rob himself): "Once the engine was removed it became apparent that the engine had
  5. Right that's Brandon and I defo confirmed. He's going to be bringing his Polo and I'll be following in the STI (coz I seriously do not trust his car to get us there!!) And what was she like once you started driving?
  6. Lol well I might just have to take you out for a spin in it and try and turn you haha!
  7. Any room for a couple more?! Although I obviously wont be in the VR...or a VW at all for that matter lol. Not 100% on Brandon but put the pair of us down and I'm sure he'll come lol
  8. That's the VR gone now 100% complete so no brakes/other parts to sell
  9. Change of plans ladies and gents. I'm still leavin the VR fold but not breaking the car now as using it as a deposit on the new motor I pick up end of this month The only thing that will be available are the Porsche brakes (I'll need your standard brakes as well) but I'll post a rule abiding for sale thread for these unless someone PMs me first lol.
  10. Miss you too Daniel but as I said I'll catch you at show hopefully this summer Haha Tony perhaps one day but I doubt it would be in a VR6 unfortunately
  11. Cheers Donna. Haha I think Brandon is now too preoccupied with cleaning his own car lol x
  12. Cheers Paul, I'm going to look at something tonight so will let you all know what comes of it! Yer Pete unfortunately it needs a bit of TLC to the bodywork which I just cant warrant spending and its worth about 2k in parts and there's no way anyone would pay 2k for it whole lol. Mark, it's been a long time fella but hopefully I'll catch you at a show some point this summer perhaps. Yer there are a few nice bits such as the brakes lol! Haha Craig you love the Facebook updates of my gym sessions with Gaz Heap! If you're lucky I might even bring him with me to a show this summer!! Although they d
  13. Goodbye! :-( I've talked about it for a couple of years now and chopped and changed my mind on what I was going to do but the fate of the VR is finally sealed! Today I cancelled the insurance and tax and Brandon (for those who don't know him he's my younger cousin and trusty sidekick!) will begin breaking the car next week. Once Brandon has got everything off the car I'll post pics of parts and prices but if there is anything someone knows I have and specifically wants then drop me a PM or post on this thread. I've had a fantastic time getting to know you guys and gals and would like to than
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