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  1. Up for sale soon. Low mile VR6 Highline.

    No mate. It's spoken for. To my surprise my son said he'd like to keep it. He's even going to build a garage for it. It'll be a sentimental car for him when I'm not around. He said to me that if you were to associate me with any car (and I've had a few) it'd be a VR6 with AC/DC on the stereo! Good luck finding a car for yourself.
  2. I have been forced into the decision to sell my 1997 Highline. It's a good little car which I've owned for 6 years. It needs the MOT renewing as it's been in the lockup for a couple of months. Once that's done I'll be listing it up here.
  3. Looking to buy

    The car has now gone. In the end my son wanted it which surprised me as he'd always said it was too juicy and too loud. So a total of 14 years VR6 ownership comes to and end
  4. Looking to buy

    What's your max budget?
  5. Up for sale soon. Low mile VR6 Highline.

    OK mate. I'll try and get round to it asap. My cancer is slowing me down more and more everyday. It had extensive bodywork with all rust being cut out and replaced with good metal. Work done by member here @bennyk last Feb/March. Little stuff that needs sorting like door trims need securing, passenger window not working, radio power cable has come out, needs a new clip on the seat runner and air con needs a regas. I'm just not well enough to finish these bits off.
  6. Up for sale soon. Low mile VR6 Highline.

    Only the one further back this thread. It's just been valeted and put in the lockup. When it stops raining I'll get some more. I'm just south of Leicester
  7. Looking to buy

    Fair enough. I have receipts for over £6000 including 4500 on bodywork. This was an ongoing project cum daily driver. It was my intention to supercharge it after I'd sorted everything else. I've recently been diagnosed with cancer and it looks like it'll never get done by me. I'd like to pass it on to another enthusiast as these genuine low-mile Highlines are getting scarce. Good luck finding the right car for you
  8. Looking to buy

    This is the only pic I have at present. The car has just been valeted and is tucked up in my lock up. The weather here is shit so I don't want to drag it out and get it wet. I was going to list it for 4995. There's a few little jobs that need doing but I'm not in a position to sort it myself. Little jobs aew air con regas, radio power cable needs reconnecting. passenger side window not opening and bump strips need securing. She's been my daily driver for 5 years and only let me down once (throttle position sensor).
  9. Looking to buy

    I'm about to list my 1997 VR6 Highline. 75k. 2 Owners. No rust. All stock apart from Magnecour leads, PiperX air filter, Stainless exhaust and CD/DAB radio. Situated in Leicester.
  10. Up for sale soon. Low mile VR6 Highline.

    Not yet. The lad didn't come and view. Family problems apparently. The car is valeted and ready to go.
  11. Up for sale soon. Low mile VR6 Highline.

    I have someone viewing the car tomorrow. If I do advertise it will be around the 5k mark.
  12. Up for sale soon. Low mile VR6 Highline.

    No rust. Extensive bodywork done 18 months ago. Interior is very good with the back seats hardly ever been sat on. Mileage is 74k.
  13. Up for sale soon. Low mile VR6 Highline.

    Manual 5 speed. It passed it's MOT with a few minor advisories. The mobile valet is booked for a full valet on Tuesday so I'll hopefully have it ready for sale by end of next week.
  14. Up for sale soon. Low mile VR6 Highline.

    Black 3 door Highline.
  15. Up for sale soon. Low mile VR6 Highline.

    Dropped the VR down to the MOT place and will be collected tomorrow. I have little doubt it'll pass. I noticed I haven't even done 2000 miles in the last year. I'll have it valetted and then I'll list it.
  16. Turbo build

    Have a chat with Stealth Racing in Southam.
  17. I can't remember that it made any difference. I do remember that when mine was playing up the catalytic converter got extremely hot - and I mean glowing red! This would happen after 3 miles driving! is your cat overheating?
  18. I had a similar issue with one of my old VRs and it turned out to be the lambda sender. I disconnected the sender and she ran ok. Just a thought, I'm no mechanic
  19. I thought it was possible to bypass the immobiliser. Someone on here offered to bypass mine. There are instructions how to do it online. The immo is behind the drivers side air vent and it involves swapping 2 wires over and disconnecting another 2. Seems fairly easy. Google it.
  20. engine problems

    Yes mate. I got stranded a couple of times when the car refused to start. I'd leave it half hour and it would fire up. My mate fixed it for me so I don't know where they're located. I'm sure youtube or google have the answer.
  21. engine problems

    You could try replacing the throttle sensor and the crank position sensor. I don't think they're expensive.
  22. [SOLD] vr6 95 n

    Tidy looking car. GLWS.
  23. Vr6 1997

    Wow! Over a million miles!!
  24. *Reduced* Breaking Black vr6 highline

    Thanks for showing me your knob!! II'l tell you in much better condition than mine! Ok, so 45 it is then. I'll PM you and we can get off the boards.
  25. *Reduced* Breaking Black vr6 highline

    Fantastic. Have a think about how much you want for all three items inc postage.