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  1. and to you fella..... Roll on show season thats all i can say....
  2. I will be going... Camping in the pits as always... and hopefully back in a VR for RWYB and he VWDRC on the Sunday Will have to pop over and catch up with you guys
  3. mention Worthersee and I appear..... ha ha ha We have been going since 2004.... my advice is ... Go... and go for as long as you can... We go for a week to 10days, including a few days before it all starts properly. Reifnitz is very quiet then but there are lots of little forum/club meetings around, we came across a cracking meeting of Rallye Golfs and stuff at the Pyramidenkogel days before the event. Some people do go home before it all starts properly, but there's just so much there that you would never know you'd missed out, on the main days the traffic all around is just full of motors.
  4. Its always a sad day when you sell a car... glad its gone to a good home.
  5. That will just be you won't it............or you can give me your car and i will show you how to do it properly :-p :-p
  6. I'm going... however I won't have anything thats worth taking up the strip with me and won't be camping
  7. Oh you know me so well.... ha ha leave all the seats in and you can give thrill rides !! How cool would that be...
  8. Yeah... It needs some work... but it should make a great tow car... Not sure it wil be at GTi Fest... but we will be there..
  9. Oh you know me so well.... Its just something about the engine... If I can have more VR6's in my life I will...
  10. I have a VR6 back on the driveway... woo hoo... However its a Sharan.... 8-) No I haven't got a family... I need a Tow Car for Drag Racing, so thought that a VR6 Sharan was the best option.... 1999, 103k, SE Spec It needs a little work...have no idea where to start... but I guess getting it serviced and sorting out some new wheels... it also needs an exhaust and anti roll bar sorting...
  11. I saw that... I also got to see myself racing too... Shame i lost...
  12. I am loving that.... not a bad spec I so need one of those in my life..... the old I have is ok... but could do with a newer model to go with it....
  13. VW Golf Mk3 VR6 by retromotoring, on Flickr VW Corrado VR6 by retromotoring, on Flickr VW Corrado VR6 by retromotoring, on Flickr VW Passat 35i VR6 Wagon at the Wörthersee Tour 2010 by retromotoring, on Flickr CAR Magazine April 1994 by retromotoring, on Flickr
  14. My friend posted this up last night on another forum so I thought I would post it on here..... VW Corrado spotted by retromotoring, on Flickr VW Golf Mk1 Cabriolet VR6 by retromotoring, on Flickr VW Corrado VR6 engine by retromotoring, on Flickr VW VR6 by retromotoring, on Flickr Wörthersee Tour 2009 by retromotoring, on Flickr Wörthersee Tour 2009 by retromotoring, on Flickr Abi Tether by retromotoring, on Flickr
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