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  1. That silver mk3

    Went to Early Edition and cam back with Runner Up mk3. was well impressed, wasnt expecting it at all! finally some rollers on the way back
  2. That silver mk3

    Thanks You do tend to hear it before you see it haha dont see many shots with the bonnet all up its party trick
  3. That silver mk3

    Thanks made a few changes ready for elsecar today fitted the votex rear spoiler Swapped the votex splitter for the ABT one (votex needs repairing) the biggest change.... the wheels
  4. That silver mk3

    Thanks really do love the silver. Quite rare too silver vrs
  5. That silver mk3

    nearly a year since i updated.... well alot has gone on, where to start The car won runner up mk3 at early edition I picked up a votex from a mate who was breaking his mk3 I know alot of people dont like the votex kit but i love it next thing to arrive was red BBS centre caps my mate done a trial with red flock and i ended up with a new engine cover Then not much really changed, the car went to vwfest and edition It came off the road after edition and we made a start in december with the new mods. I wanted to sort out the rest of the interior. For ages i wanted a tweed headliner, so a tip to bradford to MJ interiors and i came back with more tweed than you could shake a stick at and got to work not a bad effort considering tweed has no stretch at all! The interior was finished off wiht an anni gearknob, new flat bottom steering wheel, black sunvisors, black interior light and a flocked sunroof motor cover and sunroof seal Picked up more splitters, so thats 1 ABT and 2 votex I painted the back of the headlights as the cream always looked dirty The next bit was the scariest bit of the winter build. I knew the car wasgoing lower and there was something stopping it. I didnt want the typical "C" shape chasis notch as they look nasty. I dont alot of research and new exactly what I wanted. I asked alot of engineers and welders about strenthening and came up with the perfect OEM looking notch. My Mate as up to the job and he cracked on with it. It was very time consuming but it paid off! i needed to get arches redone due to running so low on coilies. it had managed to mash all 4. I didnt have time or the money for full shoot, so got 4 arches front bumper and bonnet done We had an 18 lying around so tried it on.... After browsing around on the internet i came across an airride kit.... which was in budget. I knew my front coilovers were bust and leaking and needed replacing so it was the perfect opportunity. Went to collect and me and few mates had it fitted over a weekend. Left if air'd up and came back the next day and it still was up and was a week after. No leaks which was fantastic. Boot build is very minimal with the only thing on show is half a tank which is wrapped in tweed and the rear quarters are boxed housing the compressors. Its part trick There was a few teething and still is a few. The front bags were catching the inner strut tower so we extended the 3 ball joint holes to bring the hub out. the bags still catch every now and then causing the back to rotate on the strut. One of the rear lines got crushed on the rear beam so it needed rerouting but wasnt problem. It handles just as good as coilies and rides as comfy as stock. Also for the first time ever ive had 4 people in the car! The end result parked up at UD on the Understated stand The front can go lower but the front end was resting on the splitter which was caused the splitter to crack down the side and the end to pop out so it will sit on rim all the way round when a different splitter is used Thanks for looking see you at elsecar
  6. Your favourite mod?

    my interior the recaros are just soo huggy and tweed doesnt burn your arse in summer
  7. i got a stand indoors so hopefully see you all there saturday
  8. butterfly valve

    back box is scorpion....
  9. butterfly valve

    im trying to make my mk3 quieter it is stupid loud no matter how you drive it. Ive started to wear earplugs! im going to be sound deadening the back and the tunnel to try and reduce noise in the cabin would a butterfly valve also help with this? can you get them that arent electronically controlled? The system is pretty much 6branch - straight through to backbox dont get me wrong it sounds unreal outside, but inside its more than annoying Thanks
  10. http://www.facebook.com/events/144071385730537/
  11. car cover

    Which car cover are you guys and gals using?
  12. That silver mk3

    Thanks, the interior was getting alot of looks and good comments. Had to put the window down cos it was getting full of hand marks haha
  13. dont think it will be springs. had the coilies off over winter an didnt notice anything broken doesnt sound like droplinks (had them go before on previous cars) which top mounts are best to buy?
  14. when driving i can hear a knocking noise and from what I can gather its coming form the front (could e wrong though). The noise isnt a consistent noise which leads me to believe it might not be wheel bearings. However there is slight play on the drivers side wheel when its jacked up (the hub nut is tight!) The noise is the same when turning and it more noticeable at slow speeds... like 3point turns could this be top mounts?
  15. That silver mk3

    it made it to UD after many late nights in the garage