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  1. chris red vr6

  2. As above when turning the wheel i get a clunk in the same place seems to be when the wheels are straightened up after turning.Once it goes past the clunk the steering is fine. Could it be a joint/bushes in the steering column or the rack Theres no play in the steering just the clunk.
  3. My golf vr6 has been refusing to start for weeks cranking fine just not starting and no smell of fuel.i stuck a bit more petrol in it incase my gage was wrong,nothing then swapped over the fuel pump relay for a known working one still nothing so was resigned to the fact it was probably the fuel pump or maybe crankshaft sensor.Got in it tonight turned the key and it started straight away altho a bit rough on idle took it for a spin and now seems spot on again. Dont know if this helps but recently replaced the hall sender think someone mentioned the crankshaft sensor can go soon afterwards but not sure. Got a new fuel pump coming so if that is on the way out that should sort that just concerned about using it at the moment as i dont want to be stranded somewhere.
  4. Wobbly steering

    Just wondering if mine could be the same i have a clunk in the same place when turning the steering wheel from left to right.I thought it probably meant a new rack but someone did mention about a joint.Can you let me know how you get on.
  5. Who has the highest mileage?

    Only had my one a short time its done 168k k reg and now runs really well
  6. Hall Sender

    Thanks Gav looks like i should be able to get the sensor from the place you said even though its not listed on there website.Mind you on there first attempt although i asked for the hall sender i got an ignition coil sent out?? Spoke to another guy since and seems alot more clued up so should be ok now. Never removed a distributor before and was worried about messing the timing up hence why i asked.
  7. [moved] Knock Sensor Location

    ok cheers could well be the problem with the one on there already going by other bits that have been bodged on it.
  8. Formula Power Ignition Leads

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Formula-Power-Ignition-Leads-Volkswagen-and-Seat-VR6_W0QQitemZ170246596866QQihZ007QQcategoryZ9889QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1638Q2em118Q2el1247 Just wondering if anyone else has a set of these leads just had a set put on thought they was pretty good for the price.
  9. Hall Sender

    Hi quickly doing my 2nd post lol This was another fault code that came up and after inspection found it in pieces so definately need a new one. I have a dizzy and seen that people have changed the hall sender by taking of the dizzy. Is it possible to change it without removing the dizzy and if not how easy is the dizzy to get of? I've done a search and going to try and get one from the place that gav recommended a while ago.
  10. Hi there my 1st post just treated myself to a vr6 just got a couple of niggles to sort out. I've got code 00524 coming up which indicates the knock sensor also says on the fault code chart g61 if that helps. Can someone tell me whereabouts the knock sensor will be located as i've got a new one arriving shortly.