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  2. [moved] VR running at 70C

    But need to know if its a problem or not, i was told before its not good to run the engine at a low temp
  3. My rad fan stop working so had a look to see what the problem was. The fan has 2 speeds and found out the 1st speed was not working so i bi passed it to the 2nd speed just for temporarily. The car does not overheat anymore and the fan kicks in now and then. But iv noticed when im on the move most of the time the car is running just above 70C. Just need to know if its right to run at this temp?
  4. [moved] Chains and 268 kent cams

    Cheers fella appreciate your help. I got a feeling its few hundred miles.
  5. My vr had been in for a service iv replaced the chains and tensioners also upgraded to kent 268 cams. How many miles will it take for the cams to be bedded in? After a full service plus a new clutch is tempting putting your foot down.
  6. Buying a used supercharger

    If im buying a used supercharger for my vr.....what info or things do i need to look out for. Miles?, service? bearing? ect
  7. VR6 Radiator

    This is my no. 07941464757. Whenever your free just give me a call or txt. cheers mate
  8. VR6 Radiator

    Im back at work tomorrow, Took today off so i could sort this out. Ill be back in crawley about 5ish 2mo if thats any good? Sorry for the hassle
  9. VR6 Radiator

    Is it possible if you could have a look at it? give me few hints or guide me. Im from Langley Green
  10. VR6 Radiator

    Im in crawley dude. I drive a blue mk2 golf what do you drive?
  11. For some reason my fan doesnt kick in anymore. I waited till the temp went up to 90, nothing happened. Iv replace the fan switch and tested the fan with a direct supply from the battery and works fine. Its never been the same since it came out of the bodyshop garage. I know they disconnected some cables from the rad whilts removing the slam panel. Iv taken it back there but they denied everything. Anyone got a wiring diagram how it should be connected? Also its a 3 pin fan. Appreciate your help
  12. VR6 Radiator

    Well thats what i said 'wiring diagram'
  13. VR6 Radiator

    I need to look at a wiring diagram for a VR6 Radiator. Appreciate your help
  14. Completed the conversion 2months ago and now the car is on the road. Everything is fine apart from the ideling. On few occasion the vr has idled very low and conked out. Whilst im letting the car warm up it idles normal at 1k then drops quickly comes back up just in time before it conks out. Could this be the idle control valve? Appreciate your help
  15. My relay switch keeps on clicking as i switch the ignition on. It doesnt smell too good too, seems like its burning. Iv replace the relay (no. 24) and im still getting the same problem. The windows do go up and down as i switch them. It has a positive and earth feed to the relay. Anyone got a wiring diagram? appreciate your help.