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  1. I was just wondering if anyone on here is the owner of a red golf vr6 I used to have or has seen it about? reg number M935YSN vin number WVWZZZ1HZSW514822 I had it written off (cat C) in 2011 due to the handbrake failing and it rolling down a hill and through someone's garden wall, i'll post a pic lol. I just ran a check on the reg and it's had another 4 keepers after myself but it's currently SORN'd, for some reason I thought it would've just been broken for parts but I'm glad the beast is still alive. If you are the current owner give me a shout as I still have the spare key f
  2. had a look underneath the car when it was up on the ramp and noticed there is a rusty hole under the rear footwell where a rubber grommet used to be,guy say common problem on mk3s.says it needs welding so i asked my dad(who is a welder),he say no,fill it with resin and underseal it.what do you think?
  3. 1.every time i pull away when the car is cold ther is a strange creaking/springy type sound coming from the front end. 2.a rubbing/whirring type sound which increases the more i accelerate.could this be a wheel bearing? i can't tell which corner it's coming from either. cheers in advance.
  4. what operating systems do vag com work on,will it work on vista?
  5. sign the petition:@ http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?f=23&t=762454&nmt=RE:%20'Not%20Guilty'%20Motorists%20Face%20Court%20Costs this is not on!!
  6. i'm having to top up my coolant from just below min level to max every 3 weeks after changing the aux water pump,crack pipe and all coolant hoses,i know it looks like somthing i've done but i honestly cant see any leeks anywhere! took it to the garage who did a pressure test on it and they can't find anything either*-) i've checked the oil filler cap for mayo too and it's clear so not the head gasket. i've also noticed that when i turn the key(to turn the electrics on,not start the engine) i can hear a slushing sound in the dash area but there is no water in the footwells so does that rule out
  7. how difficult/costly is it to retro fit the toys such as factory sat nav and cruise control to the mk4 r32?
  8. cheers guys but what's the part no for it?car is sitting at my mate's house so i can't check myself just now
  9. i have so far removed the part that connects to the thermostat housing but i cant get the pipe out from the water pump,there is plenty of play in it but it wont pull out :S please don't tell me the water pump has to come off? what's the part no for this crack pipe?
  10. can you do anything to the haldex do make more power go to the rear wheels or even make it rear wheel drive if you wanted? just curious.
  11. list of parts folks: Speed Regulator Part# 443 907 305 A Turn Signal Stalk Part# 535 953 513 B Vacuum Pump Part# 171 907 325 Also use Part# 701 907 325 Vacuum Pump Mounting Bracket Part# 357 907 341 Throttle Control Element (Diaphragm) Part# 357 907 327 Throttle Control Bracket Part# 357 721 819
  12. hmm.i take it the black ball has two hose connections on it then,i don't have a black ball,i have a green vw one with only one hose connection on it,which is connected to a relay. relay has 3 hose connection on it,1 to green ball,1 to vsr flap and 1 to vacuum feed which i've took from the fuel pressure regulator,the non-return valve i was on about is on the vacuum feed hose. i'm gonna just take car out for a blast and see what the score is.
  13. no mate,it's a wee valve with two vacuum hose connections on it that only lets air pass through it one way only. when the car is below 4000rpm and i take the hose off the vsr and i put my finger on the end of it,i can feel it sucking,is this right or should it be sucking after 4000rpm? cheers
  14. which way round does it go on the vacuum hose? that's me wired up the control box for the vsr now and it works :-d ,red l.e.d. comes on at 4000rpm as it should and it's powering the relay but i can't realy tell if the flap is switching over or not,i'm not sure if the vacuum non-return valve is on the right hose or the right way round. *-)
  15. gonna wire up my shrick control box but i need to know the colour codes of A.the switch wire from ignition switch and B.the signal wire to the rev counter obd1 coilpack by the way cheers
  16. did a gig with my band last night in glasgow,parked the car round the corner from the venue and when loading gear into car after gig i noticed that some scumbag has keyed my bonnet after getting a full respray 5 months ago! :@ i have recently been loosing faith in the human race and this just puts the cherry on the cake! what goes through peoples heads when they choose to do stuff like this?? this country is full of jelous,evil,bitter scum who seem to think that if you have something nice it's been handed to you on a plate and you havn't WORKED DAMN HARD to get it and maintain it!! :@ well,i
  17. . . . .did vw start galvinising the mk3 shell?
  18. BBS RX 2'S all the way!! they are the only wheels that truly suite mk3 vrs a kind of bigger better version of the standard.classy as hell.
  19. there's hee haw vr6's my neck of the woods,it's a rare beast,just loads of scoobsters and 1.2 litre ned mobiles with "ironing board chic" spoilers and loud exhausts.and why not wave,it's nice to be nice and doesn't cost anything(apart from the finger),lol.
  20. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=55LLv09Rvpg
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