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  2. Nasty plastics and nasty grill.

    I did all the plastics with a heat gun which worked a treat. Something hypnotic about the way the plastic changes from grey back to black. You have to be careful to get an even finish though.
  3. [poll] Do you wave?

    I like that - a very subtle way to show off it's a VR6... when you don't have a nice clear stretch of road to open the throttle.
  4. [poll] Do you wave?

    At heart, I'm a Mini driver and so feel compelled to wave at fellow Mini owners. I managed to stop this habit since driving other cars (mainly ones I don't care to be associated with) However, since getting my VR6, I'm starting to spot other VR6s about. Now the social etiquette dilema... do VR6 drivers wave to each other? If I was talking to Mini owners, 99.5% would wave. How much of a 'club' is it, just owning a VR6?
  5. What's this that's leaking?

    Much kudos to xyber for managing to draw his eyes away from that avatar to diagnose the problem in the first post.
  6. Having had a VR6 for a few days, I realise I need to keep a closer eye on my speed but don't want to take my eyes off the road. I've heard about people 'bodging' HUDs together with old displays and did wonder if anyone had managed it with a VR6. Then found this http://www.autocaress.com/acatalog/GPS_Head-up-Display.html Anyone tried them, or heard of them before?
  7. Cleaning in this weather?

    Sorry, I meant the front bumper area (just below no plate) which I've just realised is standard, so nothing to do with the VR6.. d'oh. Still found it my favorite part of the car whilst washing it.
  8. Cleaning in this weather?

    Well, my fingers have thawed out now and the car's clean, though not sparkling. Has let me identify the imperfections which I plan to attack with clay bar, polish and then wax later. May have to seek help though with a couple of spots (when I work out how to upload photos). It was well worth losing feeling in my hands and feet as I now appreciate the car more. I love the front air/cooling intakes - the only clue it's a VR6 apart from the badges, and who can love badges! I also love that every panel and piece of trim felt solid - good old German engineering! No doubt it'll get filthy in the week, so let's hope it's a bit warmer next weekend.
  9. Greatest Hot Hatch

    I've just voted for the Lancia, and agreed with the results shown; Golf Gti Mk1 in very close second. I just feel the term 'hot hatch' applies best to that era of cars, I can't really explain why but I don't think of the VR6 as a hot hatch... it's better than that.
  10. Cleaning in this weather?

    I guess a quick TBM is in order then, give me a chance to fully asses what needs to be done too. Any other psychos braving the cold this weekend?
  11. Having just bought my VR6, I am itching to have give it a good clean (good way to 'bond' with a new car I think) However, I'm somewhat put off by the arctic climate at the moment. I guess this follows on from the "How long do you spend cleaning your car?"; Are there any fanatics who still regularly wash their when it is freezing cold? If so, any tips!