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Andthos garage Golf 3 2.9i syncro color concept

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Some pictures of the car the way I found it, tucked away in a barn.




The owner didnt really want to sell it, but after calling him multiple times over a timespan of 2-3 weeks he finally gave up and gave me a price. I jumped into my car drove over to his place to get the car before he changed his mind.


The car is a 1997 Golf 3 syncro color concept with the 2.9i Vr6 engine. Its quite rear ive been told. Its one of 3 cars that was sold new in Norway in 97.


The car has been a project the last 10 years, its been resprayed and its in quite good shape. There are some technical issues, but those are easy to sort out. The interior and exterior is more or less flawless. Im done with rustrepair from previous projects so this is welcoming break from that.






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Fast forward to today, just got the new wheels and had them fitted. Had to play around a bit with camber and spacers, but im very happy with the fitment.


Ispiri Wheels 8.5x18 with 215/35-18 tires.








Put the VR6 badge back on and fitted a tow strap on the front.





Created a bracket for the airfilter, its was just held on with a ziptie when i bought it.








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For some reason i didnt get an notification that someone had answered in my thread and forgot all about it. 


Quite alot has happened since my last post. I swapped the wheels to a set of 3SDM 0.06 17s. Changed most parts in the front and rear suspension and tidied up some electrical gremlins.


Some pictures








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2 hours ago, rickygolf83 said:

You have been very busy emoji122.png

Some amount of work done. Car is looking great and will be driving great too

Anything else on the to do list?


When i bought it had been sitting for allmost 10 years, so the valveguides in the engine is not as soft as they should be. So its been smoking now and then. So plan to rebuild the engine, but i guess this will have to wait until fall when car is put into storage. 😊

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I didnt mention the small updates in the engine compartement. 


Since the road authorities here doesnt like pod filters i created a box to hide it, it gets cold air from the bumper underneath. 


I also used a mk5 batterycover to hide the grey battery. 


Next on the agenda here is stock red ignition cables and black hoses. 






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