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Nero Mk 2

And back in a 6

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Well,  as you know I had several vr6's in my previous tenure.

The list is as follows. 


My original mystic blue. (Ended up Tony's drag whore)

Then the Mk3 cabrio

The black 5 door

Then my grey one

Then the Mk2

Then the grey one back.


Its fair to say I've been around a few different versions. 


This is the first dsg box I've had. At the moment I'm still learning and have not clocked 100 miles yet. I'm still finding my ideal stop start points in heavy traffic, working out the weight shift on cornering and the 4wd system.  It is smooth and the power feels more linear and lazy as compared to the pre pubescent urgency of the 12 valve. The sound isn't the same either. It's more grown ups and quieter. However, I like that because I'm now 10 years older also.   So far so good.  After I clock a few more miles I'll have more to say.

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Well that's the first weeks drive.
First impressions are all good.
I'm going the have new tyres fitted next week, although they look like they have enough tread the sidewalks look a touch perished and I'd rather not take the risk.

One of my rear Callipers has lost some of its paint so all 4 will be off for a powder coat and a rebuild.

Drive wise. It's like a go cart. It's really quite quick and smooth. I can feel a slight knock up the front end. Feels like a bush up front So will have to have a look into it.

One peeve point is. When it's cold outside the exhaust steams up the back window !!!

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Well 4 new tyres at the cost of £507. Immediately feels more planted. The tyres that were on were different on each corner, worn at different rates and one looked quite perished. I'm not sure if there is a difference or if it is perceived but I feel more confident in it.

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200 miles today and the car had a good leg stretch. There was a slight drone before tyres were changed which is gone. Car pulled well in all gears and I tried out the gas guzzling S mode on the auto box. Noticed a slight squeak on one of the brakes so will have a look and a copper slip up come next weekend.

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I didn't realise you'd gone through quite a few more VR6s Chris.


Very jealous of the R32 matey.



Oh yeah, "holy thread revival batman!".

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