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Bora v6 4mo twin turbo

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Tuning's about the hardest thing you could do with that - if you look at the HGP twin turbo's they retain single airbox and maf (hfm) due to that's how the oem has it set up - it all references one air sample point (the hfm). Integrating 2 would be very difficult on oem due to that, lot's of custom code integrating maps/jumps etc, not sure on options for aftermarket ecu's, you'd have to have a look at each one!


If I was you though I'd look into the mass and size of a GT35 compressor and turbine wheel and look into gas flow dynamics at various (loads/flows/air speeds etc) and see if 1 GT35 compressor wheel or 2xGT2871 compressor wheels have more or less mass in terms of reference to air flow mass/speed/flow - i.e. 3 ports to one wheel on twin turbo or 6 ports on 1 turbine wheel for the 35 and see if it lines up with your goals. 9 times out of 10 it's single for the win!

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