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Dragon Green MK3 Recommission Project

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Now that i'm back into VR6 power I thought i start a little build/project running report.

Story so far goes like this:

Not long sold my 91 8V 5 door Golf MK2 GTI. Was also in a bit of a non running state when purchased. Been stood since 2005. Managed to get it running nicely. Original paint was mint, one small area needed attention, MOT'd lowered, wheels, etc....

Turned out to be a nice clean low mileage car (77,000).



Sold that on a few months ago for a nice profit, needed something else to tinker with. originally looking at another MK2, but nothing really caught my eye.

Browsing the usual places...

Spotted the car I've ended up with on ED38 forum.

Quick chat to the owner, a trip organised from York to Dudley in the next few days.

Thursday the 11th was the agreed date, picked up the trailer at 16:00 from my dads house where stored and set off to collect the car.

Traffic was a nightmare as usual and arrived at 18:45.

And here the "minor problems" started.

Flat battery on the golf. No Power. Dead. - Bit of a bummer as id left my spare battery, jump leads, winch remote (more on that....) and all my tools in the back of my Defender 110.

Took the battery from the sellers van, we had lights on the dash. Bingo. Cranking.... Cranking.... Cranking... Spluttered into life.... ish. Running on 3 cylinders. Hmm...

Had a few more moments looking around the car, interior is still clean and fresh - which to be honest is what is selling it to me, Front wings need work/replacement, rear arches need a little work as does under the rear lights. can feel a little bit of rust under a sill cover - more investigation is needed there.

Agreed a price, time to get loaded on trailer........

First issue - put the windows up and get trailer in position to load up. Drivers window motor is shot. lots of clicking and no movement. Quick strip down of the door - its shot. Window down on the way home then - hope it don't rain.

The next issue rears its head....

Car splutters into life, engage clutch, pedal feels good, lift pedal to move off...... NOTHING! no drive, car wants and feels like it will move but nothing... Bugger!

No driveshafts spinning, and a smell of burning clutch..... FFS...... Clutch plate appears to have stuck on the splines. JOY.

This is the point at which i'd have needed the remote for the winch fitted on my trailer..... Double joy.

Trailer backed up to front of Golf, bed tilted and pulled winch rope out - can use as a safety measure to stop the car rolling all the way down again. Hooked the rope up and pulled the car into the trailer about 12" at a time. Finally on, strapped up, money changed hands, parts loaded up, along with some extras thrown in to compensate for some issues.

Around 21:30 I'm on my way home......

Crap nav in the Range Rover seems to send me through the middle of birmingham, had to stop for more LPG and some food.


Arrived home around midnight.

Slung the car cover over the Golf.

Went to bed. Will look at the Golf in the morning and see what I've gone and bought!

Makes for a long day when you've been at work since 03:30 in the morning!

Up and about at 06:00 and need to get car off trailer, trailer back to my dads at the other side of town, get caravan loaded and off to the VW festival at Harewood house.

Made a quick list of what to look out for if any bits turn up at the show. secured the drivers window enough and put cover back on.

Away we go for the weekend!

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Photos taken the weekend after VW festival.

This is how the car looks now.

Parts on order:
Set of plug leads.
Set of plugs
Proper VR6 splitter

Been to the scrap yard yesterday and picked up a new bonnet catch and cable an nearly new battery for £30

New window regulator for drivers door.

Got all that fitted last night and removed all the crap from inside and hoovered it out.

More pics and progress to follow....

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Done a little more today.


Seems I've a little more work ahead than anticipated....

Needs both sills patching.
Needs a pair of wings.
Rear arches need work.
Rear wings under light clusters need work.

All brake pipes are about shot.

Car is somewhat rusty underneath.

Needs a clutch.

Need some wheels.

Gonna need a full paint job....


At least the interior looks good lol....


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The rusty sills look similar to mine when I started poking, you can get pattern sills for next to nothing though, shame as it looked quite clean in the photos! So are you going to restore it to its former glory, as in the mag feature or change it about a bit?
Good to see it being saved and not broken by the way!

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Was a bit of a downer at the time....

Initially thought about looking for another car and swap all the good bits over....

Then gave my head a shake. Two Golf's on the drive is too much, it's full enough at the moment.

Plus I'm likely to find something in a similar condition unless I'm spending some decent money.

Had a look on Euro car parts....
£250 for clutch, all brakes, pair of wings and oil filter.

I can paint the wings myself before fitting to save a bit of faf and hopefully money when it comes to painting - at least they will be green and fully fitted before painted again with the rest of the car.

I can fabricate a patch/repair section for the sills as its only about 6" at the front that is crusty.

Copper brake pipes are no drama, might as well just do the lot while it's all apart.

Just a bit more work than first anticipated.

I'm thinking I'll keep the similar lines to as it was in the mag feature.

Just need to sort a set of wheels.

Or a set of 5x100 - 5x120 adaptors for these that I've got.
7x16 OZ MSW split rims....

At least I can do all the polishing myself, and just get the tears powder coated.

Possibly a set of wider dishes for the rear too....

All food for thought....

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Yeap I remember when Pete done but just goes to show these bodyshops with all the hype are just that 


yea or go schmidts again as by time you get adaps you could prob find 



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New plug leads fitted,
New plugs fitted,
New coilpack on order!

Slow day today for progress....

Ordered the following bits though....

Valeo clutch kit.
Discs and pads front
Discs and pads rear
Oil and filter
Pair of wings.

Gonna make a start and do the clutch first. At least then I can manage to move the car around easily.

Rear bumper will be coming off and more prodding around to inspect for rust.

Underseal is waiting after the welding is done, if I'm investing in this one, I want to make it last!!

Anti roll bars to be removed and painted orange.

Have a pair of new rear calipers ready to fit.
Along with a mile of copper pipe to redo all the brake pipes.

Sure I've still got some goodridge hoses somewhere in the garage too.

I guess at this stage it's all or nothing? So I'm going in balls deep lol!

Figure I might as well sort all the rust on the body and prep for top coat myself to save some ££££.

More progress to follow!

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Presents arrived today!


Will be doing the clutch this weekend, and once driving hopefully get the welding done on the sills and the underneath cleaned off.

Brake pipes next on the list, along with fitting new discs n pads all round and the new rear calipers.

Plenty to keep me busy for a few hours!!

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The Euro's wings I've fitted to mk3's in the past have been pretty good and I've just got a wing for one of mine, I'll get it fitted in the next day or two and let you know how it goes

That's what I've got for mine, quick mock up in place and they look quite reasonable.

Will have plenty paint and underseal on them prior to fitting and hopefully make them last!

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Made a bit more progress last night...

Not a bad job, have new Valeo clutch ready to put in tonight all being well.

Box needs a good clean, along with the rest of the engine bay whilst it's all in bits.

The old clutch is well fooked. The smell of the burning plate was not pleasant lol.

Hope to get the underside cleaned up and get the sills plated, painted and undersealed this weekend too.

See how the weather holds up....

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Gearbox washed off and cleaned up.

Not going too mad. I intend to use this car....!


Rain has stopped play today...

Few beers and some online shopping tonight for debadged grille and more inspirational ideas lol.....

Hopefully it will stay dry tomorrow!

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Well, the rain had stopped. It was still a mild evening. Things started to dry out.....

Best crack on with the clutch and gearbox refit then!

All went well, no dramas.
Found it easier to remove the shifting tower to get it back together...

All bolted back up.


More or less complete and ready for a clean under the bonnet and to attack the brakes tomorrow now.

Found my goodridge hoses in the garage. Fronts are the correct ones, need to check the rears.

Calipers will get a coat of paint too.

Enough waffling for now, my back is sore and a need a beer lol.....

Hope for a dry day tomorrow and get cracked on!!

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got some rears if needed here never used

Hopefully will have a look at what I've got tomorrow and see if the ones I've got will fit....

Cheers. I might need them lol....

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One sill all patched.

Back on its wheels, moves under its own steam now - so that's a bonus!

Engine bay cleaned up, battery tray painted.


Prep to do other sill tomorrow all being well.

And more shopping lists to make!

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