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Say hello to my new girl...




A tale of love , pain , tears , sadness & joy all rolled into one (car).


It began Thursday 13th of August , sat at work winding down to close , somthing just made me click on Gumtree to see if their were any local VR's (or even GTI's) for a dash , interior & any other good bits.


There it was , right at the top of the page a 3 dr black highline  , nearest ... As any Northern VR6 owner knows , we don't get a lot of them for sale up this neck of the woods.


So a quick email was fired off & one was received just as fast


Hi, it is possible that someone is calling to see car before tomorrow eve. If you wanted to nip round now whilst it is daylight feel free. The situation is I put the car on Gumtree late Monday eve and didn’t expect lots of interest and really what I should have done is tried to start the car before posting it. I am a bit overwhelmed by amount of people interested and I have delayed getting back to people and yesterday I quickly tried to start the car using jump leads but car makes a one click sound before alarm triggers. I am not a mechanic and know nothing about mechanics or alarms etc. I have no idea what the problem is. I am guessing it is either starter motor or alarm being moody because battery is flat.


An oil check shows there is oil in the engine and inside of engine cap. My first chance to try and start car properly will be this weekend. I have jsut emailed all the interested people with the same email:


‘Because the car will not start at this time I will accept £££ as it stands or £££ if it starts. It is an honest unmodified original car that, although scruffy from being stood, worked perfectly in late 2013. As I have stated there is rust on front sills and rear arches. I have received over 10 enquiries of people wanting to view the car since the advert Monday night and not sure how to start arranging viewing with so many interested. I imagine at £££ that anyone wanting an unmodified Highline as a project car will want to take it away.


Probably best thing to do is if you are seriously interested in collecting car as it stands as a non starter for £££ - and trailer it away - before weekend please let me know and I will send you the postcode etc


If you are interested let me know, thank you


I was round there faster than Usain Bolt in a Top Fuel dragster...


The previous owner had LOVED & still loved this car for the past 13 years , he had tracked it down after searching for a year , the sales rep told him " If you don't want a black 3dr highline then it's not for you" He instantly fell for the car and after a visit with a mechanic friend , then the money 7K , he took ownership.


For the past 11 years he used the car on a daily basis , ill health had meant he could no longer drive the car and it had not moved or been turned over for the last 2 years.


Inside she was mint , outside she was in a real state , two years of being unwashed and parked against a wall had really took it's toll on her , blistering & bubling on most panels , rot on the arches & sills.


We chated for a while about the love of golfs, then , I walked away telling him I would sleep on it , I had the money in my pocket but my mind was telling me no , but that body (sing R Kelly pump n grind)


10 mins later I was on the phone telling him I would be round in the moning with the cash , at worst I would have a full fat interior for my ODB1 and some breaking to do.


A quick visit in the morning , the trading of £££s for the keys and logbook , the seal of a deal handshake & I was off to work smiling like a kid at Xmas.


What a long day , it was like waiting for Xmas, I was straight round after work armed with a jerry can , battery , wd , oil & water ( the five elements ) On went my battery , in went some fuel , oil & water , then a bit of WD on the auxillary pulleys . First turn it grunted a little , like an angry bear being proded with a stick after 2 years hibernation , his wife poped out questioning noises coming from the car , 3 turns later it roars into life & we both look a little taken aback.


Get in ! ! !


I then arranged for my good friend and his trade plates to collect the car and follow me to my friends garage


His children cried when he told them he had sold the car , they had known it since being born and brought back from the Hospital , I think the owner may have cried too when I rolled off the drive as he video filmed the end of an era but a new begining for the car.


I promised to keep in touch & told him I would take him out when she is ready ....

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She will be going back to her former glory , baring the stock rims (how clean are those rims though).


Had her on the ramps for around 5 hours on monday , started with the mallet , eventualy moved on to the wire brush & air hose must have got about 5kg of worm turd off it.


Then out came the Hammerite Krust & brush.


Took lots of pics but all my pics seem to big ??? My phones 41mp must be the problem.


As predicted , both sills are past it , rear arches are going , some of the Drain (pain) holes are gone , front inner O/S sill and a good chuck of floor plan is missing/rotten. 


Most panels have an ingress of rust , wings ( bottom corners and arches ) doors ( drainholes and corners ) boot & bonet are good , bubling around the bottom of the O/S rear cluster.


On a plus I've been after learning to weld for a while ...


Sump is pitted/on its way out & there is a coolant leak (probably thermostat housing after it's two year wake up call)


First parts order :


8L of GTX £32


Sump £40


Sump Gasket £16


Air filter £5


Oil filter £5


Magnetic sump plug £2


Fuel filter £5


Back on it tonight for a few hours , full interior vallet & a bit of undersealing.


I need a trip to the scrappers or breakers to find me some inner sill & floor plan before I can start hacking her up.

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Sump & gasket fitted with new stainless M6s , along with full oil change & new filter.


New NGK plugs fitted.


Fuel filter fitted.


Air filter & cabin filter changed (+ 19 years of crap removed from scuttle)


Good floor plan sealed with Shultz.


More new parts


Cabin filter £5


QH front disks £22 (Ebay inc p&p)


Febi job lot 2 x drive flanges , 2 x front wheel bearings & 1x rear £32 (Ebay inc p&p)


3 x black grab handles & black interior light £37 (Ebay inc p&p)


Black interior light will be going back on Ebay , unless anyone wants it , or want's to swop for sunroof control .... cough cough + £s ;)


1 x golf mk4 black OE sunglasses holder £8 (Ebay inc p&p)


1 x down pipe gasket £10


1 x stainless silenced D Cat £65


1 x TA Technix group A stainless 63mm exhaust £220 (Ebay inc p&p)


1 x Pair of new Hella colour magic "schwartz" £110 (Ebay inc p&p)


3 x pairs of cree LED bulbs for the taillights £10 (Ebay inc p&p)


30 x M6's £3 , power flex exhaust mount £4 , VR6 Grill badge (highline style copy) £1 all (Ebay inc p&p)


10 x 286 cree LED bulbs to brighten the dash £2


1 x Alpine CDE 173BT £95 (green to match the dash)


4 x BBS GLX refurbed then powder coated black gloss £120


4 x Toyo proxes £125


4 x center caps VW OE £8


1 x sealey HT lead tool £10


1 x rear ultimax pads pair £15


1 x rear disks pair drilled & grooved £30


Just awaiting my mechanic mate returning off holidays then the bodywork can begin :)

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New auxilary pulley & bearing £17


S/H but dated 2014 alternator £16.50 (post inc) Ebay steal !


EBC Greenstuff front pads £45


Black sunroof control £50 (germany)


Unipart water pump £ 9.50


Powerflex bush kit £220 (ebay discount voucher used)


Exhaust hangers metal based x 2 £9


Powerflex exhaust hangers x 2 £10 (ebay)


Black headliner material 3 meters £33


Adhesive spray x 2 £15


Outer sills left & right £45


Rear arches left & right £52


Massive chunk of floor plan £40 (breakers)


Stripped out the interior on the weekend , all but the dash , front door cards & drivers seat (back in for manovering purposes)


Time to get the welding started...


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