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Intake manifolds.. never seen one like this before (personally)

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I have a variable manifold in my garage off my MK 4 24valve AUE engine, save yourself some air fare and buy mine.   ;)   it isn't green though, just bog standard silver.



Is it the same as 12v then??  I can get a 24v one 2 mins from my house as pal has breakers yard, and so does my dad in London..  possibly just the lower bit different?

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It's port matching that would be the problem - drop a thread on Vortex and they will be able to tell you. VW did make the 24v engine at the same time as the 12v though so I would have thought the easiest thing in terms of manufacturing would be to make plastic ones at the same time as their 24v VRIMS. By the way, the only reason that the 12v didn't have one is that the money men couldn't quantify the cost and so Schrick bought the rights on the 12v and VW  brought them out on the mk4's, which, in the US had 12 and 24v - but we got 4motion  :wub:

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