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Vr6 engine

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May be better saving a little longer and refurbishing another engine. If it were me, I'd be looking at how well the engine has been maintained over mileage. As Paceo said, it will benefit from a head refresh and chains, both of which would be worth doing as a matter of course as the engine will be apart.


As you said, its difficult to find low mileage engines for sale, and considering how old the mk3 is now you'll do well to find one imo.

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Pick your toys up mate, no need to throw them all out of the pram.

You've been offered a low mileage block and crank minus pistons and rods and people have said there's plenty of running engines on ebay for sale.

To be fair these cars have been knocking around for 20+ years now, not gonna be many low mileage ones out there, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Your best bet if you've got a fresh head and chains would be to get that low mileage block and crank off six appeal get some new pistons and rods and build it up and hey presto brand new engine or as near as your gonna get to a brand new one

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You didnt read my first post then! Ive got a rebuilt head and new chains. This forum is usless no one can source a engine for a car everyone is here for. Waste of time im going to scrap my vr total load of rubbish!

Mount up lads, it's time to revive the chant......


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