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Looking for these yellow fog lights

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If you mean removing the headlight or foglight, it's a two minute job either way - well worth doing it properly if you want good (lasting) results, and I reckon removal will give better results than doing it in situ. 


If you mean tinting the inside of the lens (not sure about the wisdom of this), then it's headlight baking time. 160oC for about 7-10 mins, a little salt and pepper, bon apetit! Foglights will take less time. Give them 2-3 mins to start, then check every minute until the glue starts to give. Don't pry too hard or you'll definitely crack the lens.


Some films might benefit from a heat gun, others just stick on. I'd always be tempted to use some sort of glue round the edges regardless. Check the manufacturers instructions / specifications if all else fails. But you instantly lose your street cred if you have to check any instructions... ever :-)

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