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What music is everyone into?

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Old US punk... being an ex skater i grew up with Bad Religion, Black Flag, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr ... moving on to Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and the baggy scene for a bit, then grunge with Nirvana ( luckily saw them twice at Reading and Hummingbird brum), Mudhoney, Screaming Trees, Melvins etc... but nowadays I like pretty much anything!! but on my iphone i currently have tunes ranging from Metallica to Mumford and Sons, Pixies to Plan B (Early plan B not the soul stuff), Queens of the Stone Age and then Pixie Lott and Taylor Swift thanks to my 6 year old daughter!! (;))

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Im into electronic like House, i.e Global Underground series. Also rock and metal, Foo Fighters, Audioslave, Disturbed. Also whatever NERD are, dont really know what you would categorise that as, maybe rock, maybe funk, "In Search of" is their best album.

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eUHXfqRHVAM (only cos it is attached to one of the best bits of film every! Lol) ;)













a quick list from my likes (there is a lot more but would take an age to get lol), thought it would be more fun then just writing the names and maybe it will give someone who doesnt know and idea ;)

and now for one of my secret little likes :/ lol


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I put on some Global Underground the other day after not listening to any for a while but always good. I do love my house/trance, rock, indie, bit of heavy metal. I love the clash, the who, the kinks , the jam, arctic monkeys. A couple of Fridays ago I watched the stone roses and they were blindin but I pretty much listen anything always like a bit of dnb to.

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I've got 4,500 songs in iTunes and loads on disc, ranging from AC/DC to Adam Beyer to Kylie. My love is house music. Defected, house masters, sonny fodera etc the list goes on. I've been DJing for 17 years now, so I love the older stuff I used to play in the late 90's early 00's, the classic trance stuff. Gods kitchen released an album in 2010 mixed by Matt Darey, I still listen to some of the tracks at least once a week in the car :-)

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