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What's your poison?

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What's your favourite drink? Or if you're like me what are your favourite drinks with certain meals etc?

I like a fairly wide range really, but mainly beers, lagers and whiskey. I don't have a drink too often, maybe once or twice a week.

I only really like a lager if I'm having a spicy pizza or Mexican food.

I'll have a pint of beer or ale, like greene king IPA, badger or copper dragon if were having like a barbie or something.

I'll have a whiskey later on at like 9 or 10 on a night when we're all settled down and watching a programme or something. At the moment it'll be something like Johnnie Walker Black Label or Jameson (but when the JWBL is gone I don't think I'll be re-buying, everyone bangs on about it but the heavy smoke is a bit much), Jack Daniels if I fancy something with more sourness and fire, or if I want something nice and smooth some single malt.

This is what inspired this thread really, with it being fathers day coming up I was in the supermarket and there's tons of beers and whiskeys on special at the moment, I picked up some Jura superstition single malt on special and got a free glass too.

Got me thinking what's everyone else's preferences

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Not the biggest fan if beers, Although i do like Guinness and Fosters now and again. My weak spot is spirits, i love vodkas, russian standard neat on the rocks is lovely, good for stripping engines and brain cells! Love jager as well, neat like you would a whiskey, helps me get to sleep.

Oh and ginger beers, either crabbies or when i can find it a ginger joes beer

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