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[poll] Is my VR6 worth £2k?

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Hey guys, ill get some pics up asap, but do you think my car is worth the asking price of £2000?

basically, its a 1995 Highline in Mulberry, with VF supercharger kit and many extras to go with it including dastak ecu, injectors, water injection etc

Its done 93K Miles, good runner, starts and runs perfectly.

It has RH ZW1 wheels, lowered suspension, mk4 headlights, clear lights all round etc.

The bodywork does need a tidy, a couple of dents removed and a couple of scrapes painted if you wanted it mint.

So is £2000 too much? Personally i think its worth it for the engine/charger kit alone, but as a car its offers decent value. Or does it? Opinions welcome.....



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IMO, The charger keeps the price up there , but pics tell a story,cosmetics go a long way to most people, where the purists can see further down the road if you get my meaning, what are the perfrmance figures like??

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Going to have to start sellin some cars soon..

Any1 for a n/a vr6..

Price and Pics.......come on...... Forum rules...Blah Blah Blah....lol. Actually pmsl........


:) when they eventually come up for sale its going to be a mare!

Btm cheers mark, will see u on weds ;)

Prov sold..?

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