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  1. sold to vr stig! thanks for the interest everyone. My hunt for a nimble little track car can now begin!!
  2. pics... http://s63.photobucket.com/albums/h130/meeerrrk/
  3. Fair enough, to be honest I think it's worth it for the engine/charger and you get the car for free! I'll pm you now, just need to work out how (using my phone!) Cheers Mark
  4. Lol! dont you want to see it first?! But if your serious, i'd take £1900
  5. I wholeheartedly agree; i will get some pics as soon as i can. The previous owner went to Stealth a fair bit, it made around 280bhp on their rolling road, it does feel very fast i must admit and that says alot because ive just sold my E46 M3 which is no slouch!
  6. Forgot to add its MOT'd till September 2011 and Taxed till Feb 2011
  7. Hey guys, ill get some pics up asap, but do you think my car is worth the asking price of £2000? basically, its a 1995 Highline in Mulberry, with VF supercharger kit and many extras to go with it including dastak ecu, injectors, water injection etc Its done 93K Miles, good runner, starts and runs perfectly. It has RH ZW1 wheels, lowered suspension, mk4 headlights, clear lights all round etc. The bodywork does need a tidy, a couple of dents removed and a couple of scrapes painted if you wanted it mint. So is £2000 too much? Personally i think its worth it for the engine/charger kit alone,
  8. Ok, its an OBD1 engine, 100% sure. Funny thing is it has an OBD2 diagnostic connector (good for me!). Still, thanks for the info, very useful
  9. Thanks for the info that's really usefull, I'll have a good look tomorrow
  10. may i ask; how comes your car started as an N plate car and half way through the pics it turns into an P plate car!? Dodgy!!!
  11. Hi everyone, seem to have got myself a bit confused... i have a 1995 (early, feb i think) Highline. I thought it was an OBD1, it has the smaller rectangle side repleaters, it seems to have the ISV (im pretty sure thats what i cleaned...) and there for, i assumed it was an OBD1, just before the cut off before they started OBD2 cars HOWEVER, i found out today it has an OBD2 diagnostics connector, not the 2x2 which i was expecting to find. Whats going on, did they make some in the middle ?! Is there a sure fire way to find out which i have? thanks in advance Mark
  12. isnt it just a damper for the throttle return to idle? by pushing it back your actually allowing the throttle to close slightly further than it normally would, and hense the engine can stall? Just my thinking, not fact!...
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