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tonys on going project ... rebuild is on .....

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Can't remember' date=' 12 or 11 12point socket?

Think you caught that at the right time mate, I've seen cranks eat into blocks when the thrust washers fail!

Glad you've got the love back fella :)


cheers dude will get a couple of new sockets ...

They're American.. they're 1/2 inch imperial 12 point socket :)

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wernt your return in the same place as mine.. or was it at the fornt of the sump..

as for the turbo feed .. id alwys use a restrictor, the quickest way to kill a turbo especialy a ebay one is to give it to much oil .. glad you have got it sorted though

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ah you got it jolly good ....

oh really hmmm what you think just make it bigger then or weld it up and put the return in the block ????

Best place is into the block, but in the sump is ok. As standard, a 20v 1.8t has its oil return low in the sump.

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Well here is my small list of work to do over the next few months ....

Rebuild Turbo,

Rebuild Engine using H beam Rods and Low Comp Pistons,

Rebuild Gearbox or replace with better,

Sort out wiring in engine bay, chaffed wiring etc etc,

Replace Rear engine mount,

New Oil cooler lines,

Remove and sell light weight pullies,

Relocate turbo oil return line from sump to block,

Sort out bolts for front engine/gearbox mount,

Heat proof turbo jacket,

Heat proof turbo oil and coolant lines,

Longer oil feed line with restrictor valve,

Weld up unused holes in bulk head,

Heat proof bulk head,

Swap Turbo to down pipe bolts for studs,

Replace prop shaft front rubber joint,

Fit fuel rail upper bolts, drill and tap manifold,

Replace PAS metal lines for rubber/braided lines,

Fit MK4 4mo clutch master cylinder and lines,

Replace belt tensioner or re-cut threads,

Lock-tite ARP flywheel bolts,

Delete small water out let on crack pipe,

Replace small water outlet on block or normal core plug,

Weld up Crack in exhaust manifold and head wrap,

Remove and sell dash,

Other jobs if i get time,

Make car lighter - cut out insides of doors, tailgate, remove any more unneeded loom, remove any more unneeded metal brackets etc etc from inside

Remove all under seal,

Refitt old fuel tank or fitt 4mo/syncro one ,

Remove roof vent and cover roof in carbon sheet,

Replace side sills,

Paint complete car,

Plenty to be getting on with !!!

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