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Ben Seabrook

How to apply your VR6OC sticker

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Some people have experienced a few problems when trying to put the membership sticker on their cars so we have put together this handy little guide to help you with the application. :)

1. Make sure the inside of the window is nice and clean and dry.


2. Put the sticker on a hard surface and with a clean cloth rub it thoroughly and hard for about 30 - 60 seconds.



3.Peel back a little bit of the sticker to make sure the wording has been transferred to the application strip.


4.Position your sticker. This is enbtirely up to you but somewhere jaunty and visible is always good :)


5.Again get your clean cloth and rub it thoroughly and applying firm pressure.


6.Slowly peel back the paper and make sure the sticker has taken to the window - if it still on the application strip then put it back on the window and rub it some more.




7.Slowly pull the paper all the way off and stand back to admire your handywork :)


Many thanks to Jim "Lambo Killer" Potter for his rubbing technique and application and to Lisa for the very good bacon sandwiches :)

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If you're not confident about getting it straight I'd position it with a couple of bits of masking tape on the top before peeling the backing off. Once you're happy with it, put a strip of masking tape across the top, flip the sticker up, peel the back off and rub it down

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