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New car tax budget

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This new budget theyre bringing in next year is based on co2 emissions. The beloved VR6 being very lucky really, it slots into group J with 199g/km meaning the tax will rise to £260 a year in 2009 and £270 after 2010. 2g/km higher and it would have risen to £300!!

The new tax bands can be found here http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_depth/629/629/7293011.stm

And this site finds the co2 emissions of your car model http://www.smmtco2.co.uk/co2search2.asp

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mk4 R32s and 2.8 4Motions registered between March 2001 and March 2006 get the biggest spanking - up from £210 to £440, a 110% increase. The biggest road tax increase in history..

Second hand values of R32s dropped by £500 overnight. Thanks for that, Alistair. Much appreciated you f**king money-grabbing c*nt :@

My R32 went up for sale yesterday. :-( I love that car, but I'm not paying that bunch of w**kers that I never even voted another £440 a year just for being allowed to own it. It goes against all my principles.

If anyone has a pre-2001 Golf 4Motion they want to sell, please let me know.

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feel 4 u antera im thinkin of gettin rid of mine after this year nd gettin a gti tdi pd as i dont see how a car that produces 268 carbon per what eva it is, is in the same catagory as a lambo lp640 and enzo in emissions as i know they produce twice as much! money grabin cunt!

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Even my girlfriend's pig-slow 2003 1.6 Astra has gone up by 70 quid a year FFS.

The only good news is for people that own performance diesels. My brother bought his mk4 GTI Anniversary PD 150 two years ago for £9500 with 40k on the clock. It's now got 70k on the clock, is two years older and he's had people offering him £11,000 for it.

The budget, combined with irregular fuel taxation has turned the second-hand car market upside down.

Thankfully all you people with mk3 VRs are immune. A**hole Darling has committed to only increasing VED on pre-2001 cars in line with inflation.

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I'm seriously thinking about going LPG on my next car.

LPG is taxed at less than half the rate of petrol & diesel. But eveyone knows this is only because there aren't enough people on LPG to make a big tax hike on this fuel worth the Government's time.

People are put off by the the horror stories about exploding tanks (untrue), big hikes in insurance premiums for LPG-converted cars (usually untrue) and the extortionate price garages charge for the conversions (true).

But if you can buy a car that has already been converted, you have nothing to lose. It won't help with the road tax, but will save you a fortune on fuel, especially if you do a big annual mileage.

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