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  1. Is there anybody out there?

    I've been a lurker for years and have sifted through some excellent material on a variety of subjects. They say the ol' 80/20 rule applies to a lot of things in nature, in this case, online forums. 20% of the people post content and 80% are scooping it up. Much of the content here in this forum is GOLDEN and it spans for many crucial years (applicable to many of our cars that are still proving themselves on the road). It is a learning curve with every forum to effectively navigate (but if there is good, applicable content, they will come). The strength of VR6OC.com is that it is VAST and DEEP in terms of subject matter and content. One question I've always wondered about is "with new tires, do old cars go faster?". Meaning, some of the tire recommendations for our older vehicles, whist perhaps on-point at the time, are probably now obsolete. Maybe we could start a thread of parts to swap out in our cars, replacing them with better ones for this day and age. I'd bet that tires have given our cars a huge advantage over the years or a disadvantage if we are not using the proper silica compounds 'for the times'. Took the VR6 out for a stretch earlier today. Such a wonderful drive, reminded of why we drive what we do. Who else can say they own a vehicle that enables you to play an instrument and drive at the same time? MMMM,, RAAA, MMMM, RAAA.... ha ha!!!

    SORRY THIS IS A COMMENT (just read the thread rule at the top) (But that Corrado is just too good to remain silent on) Just imagine another in another color perhaps...an image in the head...new post this must be.... Start new post... WOW...what an image! That is one Baddie-Black on Black my friend! Somewhere deep in my deep-rooted synapses from childhood, my age aligns with entering peak TESTOSTERONE coinciding with that year/model/etc etc). It was the car to lust over (just within reach, not relegated to a wall-poster, but, just maybe...). I mean seriously... "Hey kid, what do you want to drive when you grow up..?"... "Well, after many dreamy lists of super-cars and stuff I've seen Mom and Dad get a hold of for the money...(my 14 year old answer would have been), "A BLACK ON BLACK VW CORRADO, thank you very much!". That would have been the most REALISTIC BUT OPTIMISTIC choice to make at the time. Nothing else looks like it except perhaps an amalgamation of all Forest and Dessert Rally Cars of that era, the coolest looking "jumping", ruthless things you might get away with on the road. The Corrado was all of them put together, like an F-15 for the daily commute. Don't stop taking pictures of her, she's gorgeous!
  3. .

    Eastern USA VR6 owners meet-up sometime in 2020?
  4. Are you a lurker?

    I was SUCH A LURKER! Nobody has ever called me out like that.

    2002 Jetta GLI VR6 with 6 speed manual and nearly 100K miles. My little box of Crayons that I periodically re-enact midlife crisis with.
  6. list of cars that use the vr6 engine

    Sweet! This makes it easier to go Raccoon'n through junkyards to find VR6-snacks when my girl gets hungry. Much needed post!