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  1. If you could that would be great. Just wouldn’t want to travel without knowing the full score. I’m assuming there’s no rust or any bodywork need doing if it’s had recent work? Just a few fiddly bits is it?
  2. Do you have any pictures? Also where abouts are you in the country? Thanks.
  3. Any pictures of the car? have you got a price in mind?
  4. What’s the mileage and condition of interior and bodywork?
  5. Thanks for email. Be great if I can get some pictures.
  6. Hi All. Been out of the VR6 game for many years now. Have had a look around and noticed that there aren’t many low mileage immaculate cars left now. If anyone has or knows of a good condition near immaculate 3dr 1996 onwards for sale with sub 70k miles then please let me know. Would really like a Highline but that maybe pushing it. Aircon and leather would be preferred. Please get in touch. ghallett11@hotmail.com Thanks.
  7. Had this on one of my previous VRs. Was ball joints in my case.
  8. Yup. Gone. Drove all the way up and back from pod on Sunday and checked it as soon as I got home. No rattle. Will keep an eye on it as some have had it come back within a few weeks.
  9. Replaced tensioner bolt and oil change. All sorted.
  10. Can't seem to activate the check release valve on this new one. The piston is out all the way.
  11. I'm wondering if I could fit the new one I got from eurocarparts even though its an older revision?
  12. Hi Guys. As I have been driving around for the last few days with no stereo as i'm upgrading so removed the old stuff I noticed a noise from inside the car which was worse at around 1100rkpm. Checked it out and took it to local specialist who diagnosed as possibly chains without opening it up. Having read around I decided to buy a new tensioner bolt as this has sometimes been the issue for others and is quite a straight forward thing to try. Earlier today I removed the old tensioner bolt after the car had been standing for a few days and went to fit the new one. I noticed that Eurocarparts had
  13. What time would we need to be there on the Sunday Pete?
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