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  1. Hi. The breaks where only bleed a couple of weeks ago. But I may give it another bash just to be sure. Thanks.
  2. Hi guys. Power steering rack went and had it refurbished and had the tracking done. Now when I'm breaking the car pulls to the right. Any one have a idea at what could be causing this? Thanks.
  3. Where you located mate? And what brand is the manifold? Thanks.
  4. Hi has anyone local to Birmingham got a obd2 vr6? I ask cause if possible I would just like to view your engine just so I can work out the location of the vacuum lines on my conversion? Thanks.
  5. You alright bud? Have you got a brake booster pipe by any chance?
  6. Hi new to the group. I'm dropping vr6 into my 8v gti and I'm after a accelerator cable and a vr6 expansion tank. I've now become aware that they are very hard to source and wondering if anyone has one or a solution. Thanks.
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