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  1. BBS wheels and tires

  2. BBS wheels and tires

    For sale 5 BBS vr6 wheels and tires One wheel has no tyre on and needs refurbishing but in good condition otherwise 2 white wheels have tires on that or just legal The other two haveToyo Proxes R888R 205 road legal track tyres In used but descent condition 3mm on the edges and approx 2.5 in the centre £100 Location Llandudno
  3. For sale a 6 branch and a mill tech de cat pipe £120
  4. mk3 new bottom arms complete

    Are they be compatible ?
  5. mk3 new bottom arms complete

    Hi Are they still for sale?
  6. mikedem

  7. Timing chain

    I am in the process of putting a new clutch on my VR6 I was told it was a good idea to check the timing chain as the gearbox is already off. My question is can i takes just the bottom timing chain cover off and leave the top part for another time ? Any information on this would be Brilliant thanks.