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  1. Depending on what engine code, some came factory with forged iron bottom ends. Just to throw in some info haha
  2. Can't seem to find any diagram of the sensors and where they are, can anyone tell me where the bank 1 sensor 2 is? This is on an AFP vr6
  3. brans


    Well is there a favored engine code?@RBPE
  4. I recently installed coils on my mk4 and now the rear is all squeaky? Any reason why this is happening?
  5. brans


    I have an 01 Jetta GLX VR6 AFP and I was wondering if this is even worth boosting? I know there's better vr6's I can do this to but I just want to learn and get to know the anatomy of the VR6
  6. I'm a noob at all the specifics but in a nutshell 12v is better for boost correct?@VR6pete
  7. What should I go with for boost? 12v or 24?
  8. Replaced the fuse box and left side fan, no more fuses being blown but now the left fan doesn't wanna kick on. I'm thinking it's the thermo switch?
  9. Does anyone know if there's a Trans that will bolt to an AFP vr6 that is 4motion?
  10. So I replaced my left hand fan because it kept blowing the 50 amp fuse in the fuse box and now only the right fan works?
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