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  1. Hi there I have a vr6 magic black highline in my garage .I have been doing it up.but needs to go to fund other projects . Needs more work doing but lost intrest Location Kent open to offers it snapped a chain at 100 thousand in 2004 and ant been on the Rd since it was fixed .can load few pics up if anyone intrested
  2. I have a 5 door black highline in my garage needs little bit work
  3. Hi can anyone help . I purchased a magnex exhaust cat back . I fitted working lovely no misfiring. Then it ran out of fuel so so fresh bit in . Then developed a miss fire / not idling right so though I'll get it to temperature and rev quiet hard to clear thought might be some cap come up from tank .looked underneath the car wow the cat was glowing orange Red hot . Anyone can advise me
  4. And mine original hasn't. Been fucked about with .
  5. I have a vr6 5 door black highline not sure wot to do with it . Was going to do it up . Not sure wots it's worth its on nplate engine been redone had new chain done in 2004 has seen Rd since
  6. Thanks for the reply Pete . Maybe like you said they retro fitted it but will it be short on my mk 3 golf ?
  7. Hi there looking to buy a stainless exhaust there is a mangex on ebay will a mk2 golf vr6 exhaust bolt straight up on a mk3 golf vr6 .regards mark
  8. Hi.mate just intrested wot bhp it tuning at
  9. Not sure mate I got a mk3 golf vr6 thinking the same . I know the kits ant cheap
  10. Hi Pete she purrs lovely ant bad for only 300 pound I payed for it with fresh built engine made my day that has . Left it running for ten min .she starts 1st time everytime
  11. Thanks Pete for your reply. I ve bought 1 today 88 pound from euro parts . Hopefully it fires up . But not counting on it reading some of the forums on here .lol
  12. I put 12bv live to the yellow wire and earth to the brown did nothing and I took it out when I done it
  13. Relay kicking in I powered it up still nothing
  14. Hi everyone ive post but no one seemed to reply .I purchased a golf VR6 highline nplate . I was told it had full engine rebuild . It's been sitting for ten years doing nothing . The oil in the sump is like brand new . Been playing around found that the fuel pump don't work . But I really want to find whether the engine ran or not. didn't want to spend out on pump if the engine was knackered . I you get wot I mean. Could I poor fuel down the supply hose and get it running or would it just fire up and run for couple of minutes or does it need lot of presume to pump into engine ? Not to hog on
  15. Hi there I've just bought a vr6 1995 . Found out the furl pump stuffed lol .but I want to check whether the engine will run before I order a fuel pump .as this car has been sitting for 10 years on a drive. And was rebuilt had new timing chain oil in sump well clean as . Just want to get see if it runs .could I feed petrol down the supply hose ??
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