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    For sale

    There's full spec and price in 'cars for sale' mate.
  2. Hi mate,many thanks for ur comments/feedback,the mileage when the phirm carried out the engine work was 122201 back in December 2012. All the chains,tensioners,guide rails, gaskets were replaced back in September 2012. The use is purely weekend/dry miles,hence why I sadly have to sell her☹️I've considered dry storage etc but would be happier if she went to a Gd home where she would get use... 8 former keepers. I have owned her since 2010 and have a fat folder full of receipts for the work that has been carried out...was considering going stage3 and maybe water/meth injection but I just don
  3. Cost me around £5000(including the charger setup) but so worth it.
  4. Hi mate, I haven't had her on a dyno but have been told it's pushing 296ish with 285fpt.
  5. How do I upload a video to the video room?
  6. Here's the best I can do atm, back to front sills, the offside front has brown water on it but I can assure u it is solid.[emoji123]
  7. Does any1 know where I can buy a deep eyebrow for my vento front end! As in the pic?
  8. I have to work late tonite and tomo but will get her in the air on Sunday and take some pics of the underneath.
  9. Located in West Sussex,Horsham. I can take picks of underneath and post them later.
  10. Alrite mate, I'm looking for £4800 but am open to sensible offers.
  11. Engine- 127246 miles 2.8 vr6 running a stage 2 vortech vf9 supercharger/kit. Obd2. Techniclutch- carbon Kevlar clutch. New head gasket. Arp head bolts. Other gaskets seals replaced at the same time. Magnecore kv85 leads. New aux water pump. New battery. New crank position sensor. K&n cone filter/will also provide piper cross foam filter. Serviced very regularly using quality parts and castrol edge oil. Polished inlet manifold. Vortech blow off valve. Taped sump for oil fed charger. Solid front engine mount. The engine work and charger fitting was carried out by Paul turner at the phirm tot
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