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  1. Just pmd you pal.
  2. Hi pal, any more info? Can pm me if you like.
  3. Hi guys, again I'm looking to buy a mint Vr6. Mulberry would be preferred 3 door. But will look at others as well. Have a crazy budget of 5k. Mk2 vr6 as well will be considered.
  4. No not yet mate. Still looking.
  5. Don't mind 3 or 5 door manual.
  6. Any pics mate? How many owners? And where you based?
  7. Around £2500. What do you have bud?
  8. Still looking guys. 😟
  9. Ok lol Iam actually coming up to south London this Saturday.
  10. Any pics mate? Where you based?
  11. Hi all, I'm after a Mk3 Mint vr6. Idely after a mulbury low miles.. Good history. I have a good budget Don't mind a moded one euro Not max power lol. Thanks