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  1. VR6 Wanted

    Hi Pal, not sure yet but I may possibly sell my Vr6. It’s a 3door black, absolutely mint. Can forward a couple of pics if you want? KR May
  2. Wanted VR6

    Just pmd you pal.
  3. Wanted VR6

    Hi pal, any more info? Can pm me if you like.
  4. Wanted VR6

    Hi guys, again I'm looking to buy a mint Vr6. Mulberry would be preferred 3 door. But will look at others as well. Have a crazy budget of 5k. Mk2 vr6 as well will be considered.
  5. Wanted Golf VR6

    No not yet mate. Still looking.
  6. Wanted Golf VR6

    Don't mind 3 or 5 door manual.
  7. Wanted Golf VR6

    Any pics mate? How many owners? And where you based?
  8. [SOLD] SOLD VR6 Highline For Sale

    Around £2500. What do you have bud?
  9. Wanted Golf VR6

    Still looking guys. 😟
  10. [SOLD] SOLD VR6 Highline For Sale

    Ok lol Iam actually coming up to south London this Saturday.
  11. [SOLD] SOLD VR6 Highline For Sale

    Any pics mate? Where you based?
  12. Wanted Golf VR6

    Hi all, I'm after a Mk3 Mint vr6. Idely after a mulbury low miles.. Good history. I have a good budget Don't mind a moded one euro Not max power lol. Thanks
  13. Jaminvw