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  1. Buy it you wont be dissapointed.. Gt30 i find to small for a VR6 , even though i just swapped from the Gt3076 82 to the 1.06... it comes a bit later... 300rpm... but so much more up top...
  2. Mine was running like shit today as well... overfueling like crazy... running on 4 cylinders.... pressed the accelerator en bam.. engine died... my paintguy forgot to tighten a intercoolerhose... tightened the clamp and BAM... power back on ! But to burst your bubble... your car isnt going to run a little boost without being mapped mate
  3. tadaaaaaaaaa :bier: Still lots of work to be done...
  4. Since ive mounted the Cayenne 6 pots with the 334x32 R32 discs on my VRT, which btw braking is awesome now, the stock rear brakes werent exactly pussymagnets ive bought the EPYTEC kit for the back, this kit comes complete with the hardware to mount the front 280mm vr6 discs on the new rear spindles, along with 911 (996) 4 pots brembos They also got a kit that comes with an extra adapter to fit S3/R32 calipers that youll need to use for the handbrake only Since i dont have those laying around yet, i went for the more basic kit, which means i now dont have a handbrake ( cant be bothered t
  5. Sunday is pickup time.. yes ive got everything documented, i will make a thread asap, will take some time to do etc... And yes those are rare as fcuk ABT skirts
  6. Can also be the Epytec 280mm kit, which uses the front discs in the rear.. ive got that setup to, but ive got the kit with the porsche 4 pots for the rear axle and the Cayenne 6 pots on the front , mk3 vrt
  7. ill make a topic later on today Russ, currently on 22psi with a GT3076HF Garrett
  8. thx Davey, ill make a topic in the next few days if you guys like that
  9. under mayor construction Audi Sepang Blue Pearl
  10. VRTurbo off to paint for complete respray in Sepang
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