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  1. How long have you owned your VR6?

    Had mine for about 2.5 years. Wasn't looking to buy a car but it was on an auction site and no one else bid so I got cheap! It's an ex Japan car with 1 New Zealand owner before me. Has been a daily driver/rolling restoration since owning it and will be getting a few performance upgrades later this year. Plenty of vids of my VR6 on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoQd1dh55tqF-tbGuVnWPGg including taking it to the race track
  2. VR6 Auto ECU mod??

    I'm not sure about those different modes on the 01M transmission... It has kickdown but that's not really Sport mode. You can do the Kerma mod (google it) that increases line pressure for more positive shifts, that comes at a cost though. I installed the Transgo shift kit on mine which vastly improved gear changes. The 01M will never be a very sporty transmission though... Here's my series on overhauling the 01M transmission:
  3. jdcorr

  4. Headliner re trim

    I did mine recently. Straightforward but a bit time consuming. You want a material with a little bit of stretch to it to help mold it into the various recesses. It's all in the prep work, takes a while to get rid of the old foam backing. I did a video of me doing mine, link is here.
  5. What car did the donor loom come from? Sounds like the wrong one. The VR6 fan control unit is part number 3A0 919 506 and has the big 4 pin output and smaller 10 pin control side. Controls fans, AC and aux waterpump.
  6. 1998 VR6 auto. Japanese market car with 201,000KMs. Stock apart from Bilstein suspension and starwars headlining. Check it out at Badgertronix.
  7. Name: VW Golf Mk3 (1998) Date Added: 30 October 2014 - 10:34 PM Owner: jdcorr Short Description: Japanese market car imported to New Zealand in 2004. View Vehicle
  8. VW Golf Mk3

    VW Golf Mk3