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  1. I have some spare CE1 loom plugs if you want to do this without cutting your existing loom. However I would recommend swapping the car to CE2 if you can, does make the conversion easier in the end. -J
  2. Special bolts for holding HT lead plastics 4x N 905 081 01 2x 021 133 915 B A little bit cheaper than buying them from eBay. -J
  3. The light up needles didn't work very well. I did write a guide but took it down as it broke the clocks. -J
  4. Nice. That original guide was the one I wrote! Glad to see people are still using it!! By the way, 12v LEDs just have the resistor built in. They are a bit limited in colour range. -J
  5. CustomJ


    Hi, I think I have coilpack issues. Anyone near Portsmouth have a known good working one, or anyone else willing to post for cheap? Thanks -J
  6. There is a FAQ for this annoying part: http://www.vr6oc.com/forum/topic/19232-obd2-pcv-inlet-valve-common-fault-info-4-u/#entry178782 But I think you will fail the MOT with it breathing to air. You can put in a small filter, but you need to block the inlet side. -J
  7. They are a pig to do. I would replace them with poly bushes simply because they are easier to fit! -J
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