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  1. Supercharged Vento VR6

    Trying to get a rough idea on the value of my R reg ('97) Vento VR6 which I bought as a project car approx six years ago. I would be looking to include the donor car (P reg '97 Golf VR6), along with some new and second hand parts in the valuation. I have come to the realisation that I simply don't have the time to commit to this any more (work, two small children etc etc) and while I appreciate that the value of some components individually might be reasonable, I just don't have the time to strip these out and suspect the value may be reduced as a result. Anyway here's what I've got...... Vento VR6 R reg Sept 1997 approx 177000 miles mystic blue pearl MOT'd until May 19th 2018 Vortech VF9 supercharger running about 7psi making 254bhp 16" mk4 golf BBS split rim cross spoke alloys (require refurbished) mk4 golf GTI 288mm front disc and calliper set up sunroof Climatronic air con lowered suspension bodywork condition is not great - n.s.f. wing badly corroded, n.s.r. quarter has a dent in it, a few other bits of rust, o.s. & n.s. sill plastics require replaced The donor Golf has given up the following to the Vento...... 100k mile engine (which had the head gasket, chains, tensioners and water pump replaced by me before fitting) gearbox front bumper bonnet, grill and head lamps starter motor floor sound deadening and carpet full cloth Recaro seats inc rear bench n.s.r door, quarter window n.s.f. door VW Golf VR6 P reg March '97. Was bought to provide above parts to the Vento, so is partially stripped but unused removed parts have been kept - drive shafts, eng ecu etc. 100000 miles mystic blue pearl sunroof towbar SORN'd Eibach front and rear anti roll bars Koni lowered suspension front and rear 17" straight spoke alloy wheels Second hand parts......... 170k mile OBD2 VR6 engine inc - manifolds, injector rail etc 110k mile OBD1 VR6 engine - chains jumped, so valves u/s Head is off and valves removed. VR6 gearbox - parts only as casing has been smashed by a self destructing diff VR6 exhaust CAT New parts......... genuine VW o.s.f. wing with side repeater hole genuine VW n.s.f. wing with side repeater hole without aerial hole genuine VW o.s. sill genuine VW complete set of o.s. & n.s. plastic sill trims inc all clips and screws genuine VW inner door foam liners x4 Ive probably forgotten some stuff, but just ask if you have any questions. Many thanks for your help, Graham.
  2. Vr fuel tank wanted

    The pipes etc don't look too bad, there is a bit of corrosion around the metal that crimps the rubber end ( that goes onto the filter) to the plastic pipe section - probably what you would expect of a car of that age.
  3. Vr fuel tank wanted

    Did you manage to get the parts you need ? I have a mk3 VR6 '98 that is slowly being stripped of parts for my Vento, but I shouldn't need any of the fuel tank parts or pipes etc. The car is at my work (just outside Edinburgh), so could check the condition of stuff tomorrow when I'm back in.
  4. graham488