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  1. Geometry

    Hi, Any chance of you shareing that info you found, my car needs settig up as well.
  2. Hi, I have just fitted some coilovers to my golf, and at the mo drives bloody awful lol, due to it having loads of camber and the tracking being way out. I would like to know whats the best amount of negative camber to have for good handling and what about tracking? Do you guys have any toe in or out? Want a good setup due to hopefully doing some more track days in it. Cheers
  3. Steering arms.

    Nice one, Cheers
  4. Hi, Has anyone changed their steering arms on their MK3 Golf VR6. I have a bent arm I found out when I went to have my tracking done, and since fitting the coilovers its really noticeable and now drives bloody terible, lol. Is it an easy job? And do you need any special tools? Cheers AD
  5. Vr6 Highline

    Nice one, Cheers. A mate of mine has an e46 m3 with the smg gearbox which is giving him problems at the mo, seams to be a comon problem on then.
  6. Vr6 Highline

    Hi, Hope this isn't a silly question, but when you fitted your lower front strut brace, does it use the wishbone bolts? Cheers AD
  7. Golf VR6.

    So the front of the golf sat way too high, so I managed to get a used set of konigsport adjustable damping coilovers for what I think was a fair price. Today I managed to fit the fronts. Here's a before pic, And here's after, Not sure its going to stay that low. I still need to free off the rear's spring seats, once that's done I'll throw the backs on.
  8. Big Six Two - Vento VR6

    Na can't smell coolant, but I am loosing some, it has a leak from the radiator so can't tell if it is only loosing from the radiator or the radiator and the matrix lol.
  9. Big Six Two - Vento VR6

    Just read through your thread. Its a real pain putting wright other peoples bodges, I've had cars that have been similar. Your doing a good job of sorting it out by the looks of it. It must be a relief now having sorted your matrix problem. I am getting a wet drivers foot well. I'm hoping its blocked drain holes and not the matrix. Really should check it out. Keep up the good work.
  10. Golf VR6.

    Did a full days track day with msvt, here's a pic there photographer took. https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/?ui=2&ik=e56e69fa8d&view=att&th=14109073e0907f0b&attid=0.2&disp=inline&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P_nVqGwzL1ZkR80v9sCbRJw&sadet=1379367445178&sads=gG4AGPeCC17tw5z0YcCHGZMaGsw Whats a how fast sesion? Do you get timed? Have only just started on the lightening front, I'm sure plenty more will be coming out. lol
  11. Golf VR6.

    yeah, bonnet made a big difference. Am bidding on another set of springs on ebay at the mo. I'm sure I'll be taking more out. lol
  12. Golf VR6.

    Got myself a Bedford autodrome sticker from my track day, removed my rear wiper motor for a bit of weight saving and I prefer the look without and blacked my vw badge. The back is looking a bit tidier now.
  13. Golf VR6.

    Na, they are 312mm, with red stuff pads. They worked brilliantly on track, didn't get any brake fade and surprised me as to how well they stopped. A well recommended upgrade.
  14. Golf VR6.

    So I did my first track day on Monday. Great day and and the golf did me proud. Went well with no problems, even after a full day of hard driving. Definitely doing some more.
  15. Thats what I thought, first time i've cut a pair of springs down, in the past have always just bought a shorter pair. It's been mentioned that maybe the lower part of the spring I cut off could possibly be just like a helper to locate it.