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  1. Not much going in with this currently as I'm waiting for an auto electrician to sort the fuse box before it goes for paint, I did get this pic off the painter today of my badgeless early grill in progress though
  2. The one with the cream leather is on eBay now you best get on it! Cool pic from back in the Harlem autos days lol And no i guess he thought you was trolling I am the forum tough guy, naturally.
  3. Yeah it's staying dragon green but probably a slightly different mix than the norm to make it stand out abit
  4. I will keep at it I just need an auto electrician out to sort the fuse box problem then it can go for paint!
  5. We will meet up and throw down vento vs vento in style stakes after paint, it's on! P.s nice avatar pic of AOG during the loz era! Yes.
  6. Don't scrap it! It's a rare car so probably worth the effort!
  7. That's an amazing transformation looks awesome
  8. I'm hoping I'm getting close to full de bodge lol Unfortunately during the matrix change I think the fuse box has taken a hit or something rendering it broken so now I need to look into that.
  9. No the wheel is legit I think it's due to alignment I like the colour but I think they look to big in pics, looks better in the flesh
  10. I have read many threads about mk3 electric window failures but none of them explain what mine is doing. None of the 4 of my windows work regardless of what switch you use, they make a noise but do not budge at all. The same goes for trying it with holding the key on unlock they make a noise but do not move! I drove the car yesterday and smelt abit if a burning smell... I fear something may have happened to the fuse box while wrestling the knee bar about during a heater matrix change last week. Any ideas? Cheers
  11. I got my bolts back which have been machined for the adapters so I fitted the wheels, I don't really like them now they are on the car lol I put the drivers seat in and took it for a drive and it smells of burning and none of the windows work, the motors make a sound but the windows don't move at all which is strange. Pics At the front one side seems to poke more than the other
  12. Yeah I'm pretty pleased with them, I will run lower than that hopefully that's just how it came off the jack so not even settled. I have sent all my switches/clocks etc to be modified so I can't really finish the dash till they are back, in reality it's cold out and I can't be bothered lol Your thread has turned into a workshop manual/brakes discussion lol
  13. I think you may be right! The cheapest ones by the look of it lol I have never had a car that's been this much of a pain before everything I touch something happens or there's an issue caused by previous retard owners. I'm hoping the wheels will be on at the weekend and dare I say it I will be driving it about, fingers crossed
  14. My Xbox one games were all £49 from game
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