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  1. Some lacquer peel but perfect working order. Come with brake lines, adapters and bolts although not for vw 300 ono text or call 07719277225
  2. Cheers dude, they're for a mate who I think will take them just need to confirm with him and I will let you know
  3. Got pics and specs of the turbo mate? And why sort of price you thinking for the engine??
  4. I have 2 boxes working order but not reconditioned..
  5. Hi all I'm an alcoholic weyy, and a technician in a vw and Audi specialists, which u thought wud help get my never ending project on the road but my only problems atm are funds for it :'(
  6. Put a 11" springalex steering wheel on my rado project which is sat on axle stands , poor thing lol
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