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  1. Pair of new Brembo brake discs, 312mm. 09.7880.10. Collection from South Oxfordshire (Wallingford) or Warwickshire (Southam) £40
  2. Afternoon all, The VR is sporadically starting which I've put down to the immobiliser however, I'm struggling to find my way to the black box behind the drivers side dash without blinding myself with the electrical loom insulating foam getting in my eyes. When I wiggle the cable going from the ignition coil to the box it will occasionally start but I would like to have a look and see what is going on properly. I've removed the plastic from around the steering column and the plastic dash under tray but the metal frame prevents me getting any deeper. Can someone please advise me the best way to get to the box to get her back on the road. Thanks.
  3. Bonjour all, For the past few weks now my 97 VR6 has been playing up. It turns over fine but sometimes it doesnt start. When it did eventually start it ran fine so i tried taking the crank sensor out and giving it a bit of a clean and put it back in with the hope it might fix the starting issue. Now i still have the same propblem but when it does start it doesn't idle until the car has warmed up and I have to keep the pedal down or else the revs just drop until it dies. It also sounds like it is misfiring at low revs but is fine over about 1.5k. Another thing i have noticed is that it sounds like it is popping from the exhaust more and i can smell fuel sometimes which leads me to think it might be running rich. ANOTHER yes another thing is when I let of my accelarator the car keeps accelerating for about a second before the revs start to drop. If i drive with the revs at over 2k then put the clutch in then the car idles at around 2k unless I redline it and let off the acclerator then the revs drop to normal idle speed. I also get a large knock from the engine bay when i let of the accelerator more so in first gear, could this be because I've jacked the front end on the the engine mount? Any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks
  4. Keep me company

    Waiting for payday for new brake pads :-( get well soon buddy
  5. Cool.... Not Cool

    Cool: Buying new bits for the VR. Not cool: When the missus finds where I hide all my invoices for parts and tools.
  6. New Website Feature - Member Map

    My crappy internet covered half of the button with the main menu. Perhaps I should get the app instead of using browser:-/
  7. New Website Feature - Member Map

    I've managed to zoom on my house but how do I drop a pin to say where I am
  8. Windows steaming up

    My water level isn't dropping though so don't think it's that.
  9. Windows steaming up

    Floor mat that is
  10. Windows steaming up

    I "acquired" some big silica bags from work and left them on the dash. They only seemed to clear the bottom third of the window screen. My floor may is soaking though leading me to think I could have a hole under the carpet
  11. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    New power steering pump as my return hose outlet pipe split on a car park kerb
  12. I've heard people have had trouble doing the 312mm front brake conversion with 16" alloys, just wondered if anyone has tried it with 16" Borbet A wheels? Wanted a bit of advice if they'd fit before I shelled out for the disks and pads. Thanks in advance.
  13. 312 disks & pads

    I need to change the disks and pads anyway and have some goodridge hoses to go on when I do the work. I have found some drilled and grooved Brembo disks and pads for £90 so might try them
  14. Finally getting round to fitting bigger brakes on the car but unsure which disks and pads would make a good combo without costing the earth. I was looking at EBC ultimax disks and yellow stuff pads but heard the pads are crap. Any suggestions or input will be greatly appreciated.
  15. Why a new exhaust manifold?

    Why do people get a 6 branch manifold and what performance benefits can you expect from one roughly? Sorry for the noob question