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  1. Just bought another cover hoping this would line up but still looking at the same gap around the head gasket where the timing cover joins. Bump for ideas.
  2. Maybe this is what's been done to my lower cover, as I know my block is unmachined. So lower cover might have been skimmed with someone else's if they had it decked. But still really weird that its not level, that would mean they had the block decked on the piss. My upper cover was skimmed flat with the head like you say so I know that side is OK.
  3. Hi guys I'm putting a vr6 12v engine build together and somethings not quite right with the timing chain lower covers allignment. Essentially the top of the lower cover should sit flush with the block surface and the upper cover with the head so that they can clamp and seal to the head gasket. Issue I've got is the lower cover isn't lining up with the block, so at the rear of the block there's a gap between the cover and the head gasket that just gonna leak. Probably best if I post some pics. The covers mated up This is the side with the gap on the right. You can see the Step where it
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