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  1. VR6 Wanted

    I'm after a VR6, not fussed on mileage, owners etc, 3 door manual is my only requirement. Cash waiting. If anyone knows whos got M893 SJO please message me Ollie
  2. Ollie2012uk

  3. Starting Issues

    Hi Guys, I'm having trouble starting my VR6. It started and ran the other day but then dies about 5 mins later. Ever since it cranks but won't fire. I have replaced the cam sensor and crank sensor. I can't seem to read any faults on it as VAG Com wont pick it up and a snap on diagnostics machine failed to get any response from it. The previous owner had an issue with an after market immobilizer which he botched up and removed and then installed a push start button. Its never been to much of a problem to be honest. I looked at the fuse box today, (none of which are blown) but the wiring is an absolute mess!! I am OK at electrical stuff, but is it a big job removing the fuse box entirely from the car and tidying up the mess which has been left and then putting everything back together again? One thing I did notice when I was looking behind the fuse box, was that out of fuse no:15 there appears to be nothing attached which I thought was quite worrying as it is for the engine electronics?! Could this be why there is no signal from the OBD port in the car? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :-)
  4. Gearbox Problems

    Thanks for your suggestion, unfortunately I don't have anyone to help me in that way. I managed to tinker with it a bit more and I've got all gears now all be it 3rd is very close to 5th!!
  5. Gearbox Problems

    Had a little tinker, i move the top cable more towards the firewall and this seems to have sorted the problem with 1st and reverse. It now goes into all gears from 1st to 5th, although 3rd and 5th are quite close. however on the way down from 5th to 1st it seems to miss 4th but it is there if i am careful. The bottom cable seems to move quite freely (the one with the nut on the top). Is this normal?
  6. Gearbox Problems

    Thanks for your suggestion, I shall attempt this alignment today
  7. Gearbox Problems

    Morning all, I've just replaced a gearbox in my VR6, unfortunately the box I've put in seems to be a right dog! I can't get 1st gear without trying to put it in reverse and selecting other gears seems to be almost impossible! Has anyone had anything similar or have I done something wrong when fitting it? Just thought i'd ask before taking it out and replacing it with another box. Thanks