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  1. Yeah that's what I've heard and he used to be on this fourm but I lost his number and have never found him again but it was 5 years ago lol but I Rember him retarding the timing and it run more rich so it was more of a safe map and ok cool when was you guys lookin at buying rods and Pistons and yeah 3" turbo back and yeah the W.G goes back into the exhaust, when I tried a screamer pipe it lost so much power :/ and I hated the noise to be honest
  2. Turbo is a hx40 off a Cummings genny 540cc injectors 1.5 bar boost and mega squirt for management but I would like to go stand alone soon only reason I havenot is just that it's always worked and engine is totally standard except the spacer plate
  3. Currently I just run 1.5 bar of boost and it's been standard internals for all this time and been really good to me n I genuinely thrash it lol but I think I melted something inside as I was racing 2 r1s and it's never been the same felt really low on power but if you recon I could up the compression to that then il look into it With the group buy I will defo be interested in that And ok yeah I was goin to spend some time Onit doing it all correctly
  4. Hi guys It's been ages since I worked on my engine side of things and when it was last built it (5 years ago [emoji52]) I had help. Might sound silly but just want to clarify, at the mo I just have a de-comp plate bringing the ratio down to 8-5-1. Now if I bought forged Pistons (wossner) with the ratio of 8-5-1 dose that mean I can loose the de-comp plate and just use a normal head gasket again or am I missing something ? Thanks
  5. Hi people I need a vr6,r32,4mo or v5 gear box, prefurbly nackerd as i need it to cut off the bell housing Can anyone Help !
  6. No sorry I will be keeping the shell as I'm now goin space frame and RWD, if people are interested I am taking out the cage that it has inside of it now witch is a roll centre make and half weld in and half bolt ? And ideally I want 1400 for every thing that includes the custom flywheel and clutch, think it's a fair price for a AWD system and the amount of hours and money for it all
  7. Il have to get back with separate prices as I'm planning to sell it as a whole really
  8. breaking all the 4wd parts off my mk1 build, 4mo box, custom prop custom rear shafts. syncro subframe polly bushed with fitted haldex and 5x100 hubs only thing needed is a nsf shaft shortened witch i will supply also custom mount for gear box to vr6 subframe and 4 puck clutch and custom flywheel for the right money
  9. Hi people I'm trying to wire in a button and a switchable ign switch had anyone done anything like this in a pik below I've worked out some of the wires by a diagram Red and black - starter Black - ground Red - permeant live Black and yellow - ex relief relay Two small wires grey and other is brown with red Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I can't seem to upload videos on tapa talk or the web any idears ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Been a while since I've posted but been far to busy with the business but here's a couple of clips of her running Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. It got a lot of good attention at the show but was ear wigging so Ino where to make changes but to be fair all the kids my age so early 20s we're hating on it quite abit prob just jealousy to be fair and because it wasent clean and dumped on air ride and I wanted to say I don't think UNO how much effort I've put into this lol but hey haha the older generation loved it tho and gave me a lot of feed back witch made me smile n seem all worth it just can't wait to drive it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Cheers bud and well I need to do little things like shorten one shaft n a prop run brake lines and little bits like that but all the main stuff is done and it made it to players even tho I was up till half 3 and then left at 5 in the morning lol but ran into some issues that night like making school boy errors like not putting cvs in the hubs to roll and then the wheel falling out with the bearing lol but il just up load all the piks in between Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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