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  1. Thanks for rescuing it! Hope you got back in time to have a tinker. Stick up some pics when you're done with the swap!
  2. Sale agreed with karl-bishop - see you on the weekend fella
  3. Zactly. Free engine! Karl I've text you mate
  4. Hi all. For sale is my dragon green 1997 Golf VR6. Unfortunately due to an imminent house move, and a couple of lax buyers, the car has to go ASAP as it's currently SORN and sat on my drive. Priced to sell as I need it gone! The plan was always to fix it up but unfortunately that time has passed. I've owned the car since 2010 and had some great times in it so I'm really hoping someone will grab it, even if it's just stripped for parts. I shall have to scrap it come mid-July, so please rescue it! I'm home from 6PM so come take a look after then. £300 ONO. Ba
  5. Thanks Lukey, will do the above as well. When I flush everything where should I put the water in and where shall I let it pi$$ out of? I was thinking of flushing from the heater matrix input and draining from the bottom of the rad... I love it when a plan comes together... New starter arrived today, got the day off work and it's not gonna rain. Woop!
  6. I'm 27 and had my VR for 3 years now... Only car I've ever owned =) Between keeping it on the road and having a bike addiction it's not been modded... yet. She's a keeper!
  7. So after 25k of trouble free raggage the VR (now at 101k) needs a bit o' love The water pump has started to leak and been temporarily K-sealed, aux water pump is dead, starter motor is now dead and there are a more than a few rusty spots under the hood. While I'm doing these bits what else should I replace / strip and reassemble? Here's the shopping list so far: Starter Water Pump (new pulley too?) Serp. belt & tensioner (possibly just regrease it, see what it looks like) All coolant hoses (and maybe thermo housing & crack pipe if they get broken in the process) Front engine mount (si
  8. Yeah I go down to Ace Cafe on occasion... but usually on the SV, not the VR For any bikers on the VR forum get your asses down to Ace on the 4th Feb, MCN are doing a celebrity charity rideout from there supporting Riders for Health, a charity set up to maintain vehicles for heath workers in remote africa. In north london? Got a bike? Got saturday off? Get involved! I'll be there on the yellow SV in all the blue gear...
  9. Staying with a mate and there was a gorgeous white 'rado parked outside the flat, apparently it's owned by one of the people living downstairs. Say Hi and I'll come find you when I'm back there
  10. Was hoping not to have to fill the tank craggsy But yeah, that's the plan. Ta!
  11. lol, now I'm imagining her dragging it up and down the A1... but f*k me, that auto box is a pile of crap - at least if it was a manual you could rag it properly, the missus auto yaris is far more fun!
  12. Not that anyone will be interested / teaching granny to suck eggs; turns out if you only do 500 miles in a year, mostly in 3 mile journeys then plugs get covered in carbon, injectors get crudded up and the car don't work properly. Dear Santa, please get my mum to drive her car more so it doesn't fall apart and I have to fix it. Love Jason.
  13. Now of course our superior-to-most-cars-of-that-age VR6s have a lovely trip computer which includes MPG... My mum's golf mk4 cab. which I'll be using this weekend (bloody thing needs driving, only goes to the shops and back so injectors full of shit, plugs carboned-to-the-max, etc etc etc) hasn't got it. Is there an OBDII measuring block that gives an MPG figure? Alternatively, is there an application I can download (for free) which will calculate mpg for me via the cheapo USB/OBD eBay dongle I have? Once again, Ta
  14. I'll come along, only up the road from me. Less for the rollers and more to see some VRs and put some names to faces finally! Jason
  15. Thanks Bungy, that's very kind Nah it's all good, I'll go up there anyway on the weekend... you know what mums are like, I'm sure she'll appreciate the visit!
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