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  1. Yeah would like to weigh mine to Tony. Scales at a quarry would do the job wouldn't it ?
  2. no one ever asks me anything ... my car must look shit lol
  3. Hello folks what weight is a Corrado Vr6 compared to a Golf Vr6. Does the extra weight make the power difference useless ?
  4. Have a mk3 vr6 and was wondering if their is anywhere that sells a length of exhaust that will delete the bath box just before the rear silencer ?
  5. Bonnet switch ?? Is that like a solenoid ?
  6. Found this lead today not connected to anything and just hanging at the back of the engine bay. Anyone know were it goes or what it is for ??
  7. HA! thats awesoem m8 lol
  8. topherVR6


    I have my cat still sitting in the garage Muttley its for a Golf vr6 1997 not sure if it will fit a vent ?. If you want it make me an offer.
  9. LMAO you cheeky git, was bored so i shopped my wheels on to see what they were like against the blue of your car m8.
  10. Aye your not hard to please or nothin Tony lol Howz that
  11. Has anyone ever priced a gearbox from VW ?
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