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  1. murphman

  2. Dragon Green and PROUD

    Here's a pic of my VR6 to support the dragon green club
  3. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    2 new tyres today and then a rag around to "bed them in" lol
  4. Whats your colour??

    Lovely Dragon green mine is
  5. Please help

    How good/clean is your air filter. I had what you got and this sorted mine out great. Wasn't sucking in enough air.
  6. my 1st vr6

    Very nice...like the reg plate 2
  7. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    New oil filter and oil change, new plugs and leads, new fuel filter and a new pipercross air filter. Also had the stain less exhaust welded to stop it blowing and now she is running like a dream. Decided to keep the bbs alloys and have refurbed instead of new. Like the classic look i have decided
  8. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Cleaned her inside and out. Had a look for some new alloys but still can't decide which ones to go for and was going to polish her but it started raining. Also realised today that the guy who sold the car to me didn't give me a locking wheel nut.......great!!
  9. Jako is dead

    In a coma now they say