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  1. With owning scrap yards BBA reman is quite a regular customer for ECUS and pumps. They buy a lot of new age pumps from us and ask us to ship them direct to their customers yet the order comes with a note "DO NOT INCLUDE PAPERWORK WITH PARTS. PLEASE EMAIL VAT INVOICE TO US". However with the vr6 they couldn't do that so its a must repair job.
  2. Looks awesome. Welcome to the club. Not many campers about on here. Nice to see something different. More pictures please [emoji106]?
  3. Wow, Awesome work mate, glad to see a DG getting restored to its former glory. Keen to see this unfold...
  4. Galley photos of the weekend are all available for your viewing in the Owners Club Gallery Enjoy, because I know we did!
  5. Took me over and hour to get off the camping field and took me around 45 minutes to get home lol
  6. One of the best shows of the year by far! Camping, BBQ, Beers, Cars, Music and great laughs with great company! If you miss this one you're missing out folks!
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