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  1. Yep cleaned the throttle out and it looked ok. Maf is ok cos i swaped it with my mates new one and it made no difference. Will check the coil pack.
  2. There's a guide on Club GTI but it is for a 020 2y box IIRC.
  3. I still have this problem. Not really looked into it but i have noticed that while your trying to start it if you dab on the throttle it fires up quickly. A mate of mine said that it could be dirty injectors.
  4. What shall I do about the fuel pump relay?
  5. Just been out to the vr and got all these fault. *00522 engine coolant sensor 27-10 implausible signal intermittant. *01259 fuel pump relay (j17) 37-10 open or short to ground intermittent. Is the coolant temp sensor the blue one on the thermostat housing? My intake temp sensor is reading 70+ c on idle and only drops to about 60 when driving, is this normal? And has anybody got a part no for a odb1 ecu?
  6. If you go on Club GTI look for a guy called 'Toyotec'. He is the man for megasquirt.
  7. I've seen somewhere a sump plug that sinks into the sump. It has a allen key head instead of a hex.
  8. I'm just about to change my plugs on my 97 highline. I've been given a set of bosch 4 prong plugs. http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10151&storeId=10001&partNumber=171835&langId=-1&cm_mmc=Googlebase-_-Car+Parts/Spark+Plugs-_-Na-_-Bosch+519+Super+4+Spark+Plug+x4&$$tid=euBQqgbVPKqSt406vYC4oYC2CMZKnvdVgrvLlt_G6Z7YpTUvNEkncCzBBdQqJutL Like these. Are these ok for the vr or not.
  9. I just fit a seat cupra R gear knob to mine. It looks great and keeping with the oem look.
  10. LOL I tried this on my mk2 and it was hard enough. I wouldn't try it again. Another question about the highline. Did they all come with the deep chin spoiler or was that just the very late ones.
  11. I wouldnt take the mirror off if I was you, nightmare IMHO, leave well alone! My std VR6 has heated mirrors on it by the way How do they come on though. Do they only work with the rear screen
  12. Do they have heating elements in them?
  13. I thought all leccy mirrors were heated. My mk2 ones were. Do the mk3 ones work off the de-mister or do they work on their own.
  14. I have a 97 Highline which has a problem when starting. When you turn the key it takes about about a good 7-8 seconds to start. It doesn't matter if the car is hot or cold it just takes an age to get going and then is a bit lumpy for a few seconds but does sort it self out. I had it VAG=Com the other day and it came up with a few fault which all cleared down and haven't come back. Has anybody else had a similar problem.
  15. Thats really messed up. My 1.4 16v polo has the adjuster. Were the quad lights an option from VAG for the highline. I think steering wheel was an option and there were only 100 made.
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