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  2. Even though I am a fairly new Premium member to the VR6 OC, since having the membership I have saved about £75 off my insurance, I also get discount from GSF not to mention new friends of like minded Dub heads that I have met along the way also lots of discounts (unexpected) just because I am a member of an owners club. Well worth the joining fee (you save alot more than you spend)
  3. Miss fire at low revs

    Just a few questions, how does the car rev up when stationary? what is throttle response like? is it worse or better when cold? when was the last time you replaced your air filter and changed your oil? and do you know what your voltage is at idle from your alternator, when cold and warm?
  4. corrado fan

    yep it is a very simple job just takes time
  5. Rust repair help!

    just remember if you go down to the metal remember to etch prime and then prime. but try not to use pre mixed base and clear coats from a car accesory shop as they are 60% thinners, if you can afford to spray it correctly use a compressor and spray gun if you have any questions please ask me as i have had to date 4 best in show and 2 feature cars. There is a lot more to doing a good paint job than just putting paint on
  6. When i was into air-cooled dubs i got alot of hubs redrilled by a local engineering shop and did not have any problems ever .
  7. For an extra few extra pounds do the whole job right once and save in the long run
  8. Head Gasket

    to see if it is your head do 2 easy tests one Compression test via your plugs the second is Compression test via your expansion bottle and if you wish to be completely sure do a co2 test of your water to see if there are any exhust gases in them
  9. strut brace

    venom motor sport
  10. code reader for 93 corrado

    Could any one help i have a rado with lots of little faults at the mo so before it gets striped for resto/rebuild i wish to find out all the faults so i can get rid of all faults the only way is a fault code reader but which one please help
  11. Any Corrado's out there?

    always been into dub just air cooled now ive changed sides and have got 2x vr6 rado's