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  1. russvr6

  2. Aswell as my raddo vr6 i also have a mk3 gti 16v and i have no heating in the car. the fan cuts in as it should and i have no over heating problems is anybody able to help as to what could cause this?? Many thanks
  3. power figures.

    i have a corrado vr6 for sale £2300 ono its on the cars for sale my thread name is russvr6
  4. aux. water pump

    i do think this site is to golf orientated not alot of help with raddo's
  5. mine did this when one of the hoses had come off the isv
  6. brake pads problems

    i did that the pads aren't sticking its just after i have been for a drive with quite a bit of braking i get home and the discs are red hot and the pads smoke. I have greased the sliders. is there anyway the pads connect to the calliper cos they just seem to sit on the sliders i also think the corrado set up is different to the golf set up?
  7. brake pads problems

    yeah i done that but thinking of it i didn't grease the the bit where the pad sits would this make them stick
  8. brake pads problems

    what do you mean push pistons out? i pushed them back in
  9. i changed my front brake pads thursday now every time i come back from a drive my pads are smoking and the discs are red hot
  10. pretty sure you do need it plugged into the car also what version of windows are you using
  11. Ahh, won't start, no fuel!

    i belive its the crank sensor
  12. cooling fan

    yeah thats right but i changed the one on the housing as precausion and it was the cheapest option but i also think the rad fan switch is faulty
  13. cooling fan

    The top hose was hot and the bottom was cold apparently the thermostat is common for going on vr's
  14. ABS????

    on vag com it says something about excessive fault codes on ABS but it said that when we had snow Think i want an M5 now